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Our Fresh Roasted Coffee

With thousands of coffee roasters — and many of them only available online — the competition is stiff for roasters across the country to establish a loyal following and customer base. In the coffee-growing world, where every company makes a similar product, finding new ways to attract customers is a challenge.

The problem amplifies when you are a coffee roaster in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, and your employees are cloistered monks. This uncommon situation calls for a unique solution in which the monks could live their lives focused on prayerand generate enough income to provide their essentials and build a monastery.

In light of this predicament, the Carmelite Monks prayed for wisdom and an opportunity. And they found it in coffee roasting.

What You’ll Find at Mystic Monk Coffee

With so many other online coffee roasters, choosing which companies to support can feel overwhelming. Since you often have to spend money trying their products, finding just the right roaster’s choice brew can be costly. 

Luckily, that’s where Mystic Monk Coffee comes in: Our specially-curated blends are professionally-rated with 36 different coffees receiving scores of 90 or higher. Every dollar spent is also put right back into our monastery, which houses and feeds Carmelite monks of Wyoming. 

In case you're still not convinced to try a cup, then perhaps the dozens of blends, unique roasting process, and unparalleled customer transparency will tell you why.

Discover Dozens of Flavors and Blends

Whether you're a first-time customer looking for some coffee fresh out of the pot or a loyal subscriber, you'll find dozens of flavors and roasts in our collection. We carefully roast all of our blends and flavored coffees in the heart of the Wyoming mountains using the very best flavoring oils in our flavored coffees to serve a consistent taste you can always rely on.

For those who feed into flavor preferences over blend, you can find traditional and rare flavored coffees in our online store like: 

But flavored coffee only scratches the surface of what we provide.

Other customers prefer the naturally smooth flavors that come from the coffee itself, so we strongly recommend our single origin and blended coffee available in dark, light, or medium roast, like:

The best part about having so many various offerings is that a single customer can order enough coffee to meet the preferences of several friends and family — and all of it is freshly roasted. 

So, whether you prefer a medium roast, dark roast, decaf, espresso, coffee pods, or a unique flavor, Mystic Monk Coffee has what you need – and maybe what you didn’t evenknowyou needed.

Taste the Unique Coffee Roasting Process

Living in a monastery requires minimal interaction with the outside world. Mystic Monk Coffee roasters are self-taught and go through various discoveries to improve their roasting strategies.

We don't jump on recent trends and change how our coffee tastes. We are small batch roasters who trust the process and aim to provide a consistent roast and flavor in each cup.

We successfully fulfill this promise using a combination of older equipment and new packaging methods. Our primary roaster is a 1950s Gothot which lets us perfectly control the roast of each bean and curate specific methods and blends to the superior taste. 

Once the coffee is ready for packaging, we use a machine that produces an airtight, low-oxygen seal, so the beans stay fresh far longer than most coffee roasters.

Full Transparency With You

One of the best parts about ordering coffee from Mystic Monk Coffee is knowing where every dollar goes. When you purchase our coffee, you support our mission as a monastery and give us the funds to continue living this type of life.

It's no secret to our customers that their purchases help us in three integral ways:

  1. Finance the building of the monastery
  2. Cover production costs
  3. Provide life's necessities for the monks

We don't gouge our prices so that we can profiteer to excess—that’s not in line with our Catholic and monastic traditions. We strictly charge what's necessary to meet these three needs.

Many of our customers from all walks of life appreciate our commitment to transparency and continue to buy from us. 

Our business practices establish a trustworthy environment and help our customers know where every dollar goes. Some people love our coffee and mission so much they sign up for coffee subscriptions that auto-deliver their orders every month.

Why Choose Mystic Monk Coffee

In the early 2000s, five Carmelite Monks faced a problem: Building a monastery to serve God – but not having the finances for construction. 

After years of prayer and discussion, the monks settled on roasting coffee and selling it on the internet because it allowed them to serve the community, remain in their cloister, and live with just enough money to afford life’s necessities.

We Are Monks that Serve the Community

Even in a cloister, the Carmelite Monks find ways to serve the local and national community. Their use of coffee trumps other online roasters because their mission is singular: Serving God.

In serving God, the monks serve the community by providing luxury products at a median cost, sharing the fruits of their contemplation with others, both in their blends and prayers.

Our Monastic Lifestyle Enhances Our Coffee Making 

The Carmelite Monks have a barn designated for roasting coffee just a few feet from their monastery. With the roastery this close, the monks remain in the abbey, helping them focus on their solitary lifestyle, prayer, and community service.

We Afford Only Life’s Necessities

Where other specialty coffee roasters charge exorbitant prices, Mystic Monk Coffee only charges what's necessary to cover the costs of production, their living necessities, and to finance the rest of the construction for the monastery.

The monks don't focus on profit or greed. Instead, they strive to make enough money to fulfill their mission. These factors make Mystic Monk Coffee a specialty brand with median prices. 

Support a Humble Roastery from the Heart of the Rocky Mountains

Purchasing coffee from Mystic Monk Coffee is not just about getting high-quality, specialty roasted coffee for a reasonable price — it's about supporting Catholic monks whose mission is to serve God and provide the community with a carefully crafted brew that financially supports the monastery.

Whether coffee or tea, with every purchase, you support a humble roastery that offers plenty of flavors, blends, and single-origin brews while supporting an old-school work ethic and transparent business policies.

Learn more about who we are and what we do, or better yet, try a bag of fresh-roasted coffee today and experience the difference.