Monk Coffee Vault Storage - Chrome

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Super pleased with my monk vault. It is actually made by a very well known coffee storage company and customized with the Monk logo. Highly recommend!

Mary K.
Best coffee vault

The vault is well made and is perfect for keeping my Monk coffee fresher longer. Very impressed with the air removing feature. Would definitely buy another vault in the future.

MSgt B.S.(.r.
Passed inspection!

Some things never leave this 'ol sarge even after retiring 31 years ago - good coffee and a neat appearance. The Monk Vault is simple, clean, good appearance and I already know it will keep the ground coffees fresh (genius). I bought 2 and plan to pickup a couple more (PS: nice touch on the drawstring storage bag that comes with each, Brothers👍⛪). Bill, Gainesville FL

Juan D.

Well worth the price. Keeps coffee fresh. Thinking of buying for Christmas gift

Emily C.
Great birthday presents!

Midnight Vigil & Paradiso beans in a chrome vault with a little monk on it to remind me to pray for our beautiful monk brothers every time I grind the beans fresh and make my espresso every morning! Keep roasting in His Divine Will!!!

Protect your precious Mystic Monk Coffee from the harmful effects of air and UV rays with our Monk Coffee Vault.

The Monk Coffee Vault has a unique air-removing lid that forces out flavor destroying air and keeps your coffee fresher, longer. It is constructed from sturdy restaurant-grade 18/8 stainless steel, and has a scratch resistant finish.

The Monk Vault is a must-have for any coffee drinker, and also works great for tea, sugar and many other food items. (Capacity 64 fl.oz)

Holds approximately one lb of coffee.