Monk Coffee Vault Storage - Chrome

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Protect your precious Mystic Monk Coffee from the harmful effects of air and UV rays with our Monk Coffee Vault.

The Monk Coffee Vault has a unique air-removing lid that forces out flavor destroying air and keeps your coffee fresher, longer. It is constructed from sturdy restaurant-grade 18/8 stainless steel, and has a scratch resistant finish.

The Monk Vault is a must-have for any coffee drinker, and also works great for tea, sugar and many other food items. (Capacity 64 fl.oz)

Holds approximately one lb of coffee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Barbara C.

Coffee is so aromatic in the coffee vault.

Marylou D.M.
Coffee Storage

I purchased the Chrome Monk Coffee Vault Storage container for my decaf coffee grounds. It is so much easier to spoon out the grounds from the container compared to the bag. The inner lid that keeps the air out is ingenious in design, and slides easily up and down in the container. Soon I'll be purchasing the black coffee vault for my caffeinated grounds!

Lisa M.
Lid could be a little tighter

I love it, it's great. My only concern is the lid could be a little bit tighter. I don't hear that swoosh sound when you open up something that's been airtight.

Scott O.
Coffee vault is great!

Thank you for the coffee vault! It keeps the coffee so fresh! Looks great with my stainless coffee pot!

Betty M.
Beautiful Coffee Vault

I really like this vault for preserving coffee! It’s the best storage I’ve found! I even purchased the black one! I hope they bring out more colors. Highly recommend!