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Christmas Blend, Archived Coffee - Mystic Monk Coffee

Christmas Blend
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Sold out!  Our next roast of this fine coffee will be in November 2017


This fine coffee just received an excellent 91pt review from coffee expert, Kenneth Davis! Here is what he said:

 " Rich, roast-rounded. Almond, dark chocolate, strawberry guava, rhododendron-like flowers, orange zest in aroma and cup. Mild, sweet-toned acidity; plush, syrupy mouthfeel. The chocolate-framed finish is quietly resonant and deeply sweet, with continued hints of flowers." -  Kenneth Davids,, November 2016

Crafted using the best Arabica beans of the season, Christmas Blend 2016 has festive notes of citrus and blueberry, with a smooth malt-toned chocolate aftertaste.