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A favorite of many, our fair trade Ethiopian is bright and distinctive, full of aromatic floral, intense blueberry and bright citrus notes.


Customer Reviews

Based on 198 reviews
Alan S.
Consistently smooth, flavorful but not overpowering

It is consistently smooth and flavorful. It keeps well in a carafe and doesn't get bitter. Big points for being Fair Trade, too!

Sam J.R.I.
Mysic Monks SCORES! 😃

This blend has now become go to brew…I’ve been on the subscription plan ordering K-cup Paradiso…I’ve switched over to Ethiopian. It is so smooth and leaves no bitter aftertaste. I like the fact that this is a Free Trade product. My only wish is that it would be available in K-cup. Excellent product.

Lorraine O.
Carmelite Monk Coffee Heavenly Brew

I am enjoying these Fresh Coffee Beans from Columbia and Ethiopia.
Both excellent my preference is Colombian Coffee Beans. Each have distinct taste. I will be reordering soon
Happy Feast Day St Terese Benedicta CROSS Edith Stine 1942 .

Andrea S.
Smooth Brew

I ground the whole beans are used it in my drip on rich brew. I am enjoying this at work and do recommend it.

Micah S.
Fruity and Delicious!

Brewed with a Bee House ceramic dripper and #4 Melitta cone filter using 18-21 grams medium grind coffee to 320 grams of water. Excellent cup of coffee. Fruity and heavy as one would expect from an Ethiopian coffee. Blueberry aftertaste. Good coffee and an excellent way of supporting vocations.