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5 lb blend coffee

Mystic Monk coffee never fails to satisfy. This roast fills my kitchen with pleasant aroma as it brews. Flavorful and smooth, the perfect start to my mornings.

Chocolate Cherry
Nancy R.
Breakfast Blend and Chocolate Cherry

My husband was slipped a cup of the BB by his loving wife this morning! He normally drink’s medium roast Community. He asked why his coffee tasted so smooth and not bitter! Should i reveal me secret??? No I don’t think I will! Just keep him satisfied by subscribing! I am totally enjoying the Chocolate Cherry and I agree it doesn’t bother my stomach like our “old brew!” Smooth, no bitterness for this couple! Thanks Mystic Monks!

Birthday gift

I gave this coffee (Royal Rum Pecan) for a birthday gift - the recipient loved it! She said it smelled heavenly and tasted as good as it smelled. Now I’m craving it!!!! Definitely rate it as excellent!

French Vanilla
Scott O.
French Vanilla!!!

I love the French Vanilla. I love several Monk brands and this definitely one of my favorites!! Wish it was a year around coffee!!!

Mellow Colombian Coffee

I like medium roasts with soft flavor and coffees which aren't too acidic. This coffee fills the bill perfectly. I drink it black and I am glad I bought three bags just in case they run out. Love coffee from the monks!

Colombia Pink Bourbon
Margaret L.
Columbia Pink Bourbon Coffee

All I can say is YUM!

Super Monk Blend
Michelle W.W.
Super Monk Coffee Blend

I like dark roast coffee. The Super Monk blend is rich and smooth for someone like me. I use it often for solo servings with my traveling coffee press - which is not a French Press -- that uses more finely-ground beans.

Paradiso Blend
Teresa M.
My Favorite

Paradiso Blend is my go-to coffee for giving to friends as a gift and serving to guests. It's consistently delicious and satisfying. Brewed either by automatic drip (I use a Zojirushi coffee maker) or by pour-over, its mild but full-bodied flavor shines through.

Real smooth!

Colombia Pink Bourbon
This coffee was very smooth, non acidic in my opinion. I think it’s a good after dinner coffee & goes well w desserts ( my preference is dark chocolate Brownies & this coffee 👍👍

Absolutely blessed coffee!

A magnificent coffee with subtle complexity and mild bitterness.

It’s so good I ordered more BEFORE leaving this review.

Very smooth

We enjoyed every cup!

Tasty wake up

Tasty wake up every morning
Makes sure I enjoy the wonderful brew while I begin my morning meditation

Elizabeth L.

This coffee smells great as it is brewing and it tastes great too. Smooth, with just the right amount of caramel flavor. Once again, thank you!

Best espresso roast

I used to make espresso with pods, but then I bought a grinder. Once I found the right setting on my grinder, the right amount of ground coffee to add to my machine's portafilter, the right volume of coffee for that amount of beans, and if I keep my machine cleaned and descaled, these beans always make a great cup of espresso!

Best K-Cup for my taste

At home I drink only espresso (and yes, I grind beans I purchase from the Monks!). Most workplaces have Keurig machines and I find this to be my favorite among the various monk shots that are available year round. It give me the best all around straight coffee flavor and smoothness. I am never disappointed.

This doesn't just win vs the other monk shots, but many many other brands I bought at my local stores as well.

Peppermint Tea
Mary K.P.

Never tried peppermint tea before; what I have been missing! Drinking your tea is very soothing for me, in between being perked up with your coffee☺️

Vespers Decaf
Robert T.
First Time Order

We received our coffee in a timely manner and have thoroughly enjoyed it every morning. Bold and smooth!! We will definitely be reordering and trying other flavors.


I should have stayed with my blend that I usually get.tooweak


I gave the gift cards to a family member and he gave the coffee 5 star ratng.

Peaceful Monk
Caroline S.
Very Pleasant

The taste matches the tranquil aroma. Love it for winding down before bed.


GREAT coffee

Vespers Decaf
Great coffee.

It is a good robust coffee. Always enjoyable. And it is decaf, yum.

Great taste

Opened my 5lb bag today! That's a lot of coffee and it tastes great!

Excellent roasts!

French Vanilla
Mary D.
So so

Didnt taste like vanilla or much different from plain coffee