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My Favorite!

Such a treat! Amazing flavor!

Excellent coffee

Having this espresso coffee is the best way to start my day. I love the deep bold flavor.


This flavor is so good, I LOVE it!

favorite coffee

great flavors, love everyone I've tried. I have a subscription now.

Variety Pack is nice extra

The Variety Pack is a nice addition to my regular order, but unless you have never tried any coffees from here, I wouldn't order it as a stand alone. It invariably comes with a couple of Royal Pecan Rum. Carmel, Midnight Vigils, and Mystic Monk blends, and usually one or two decades pods to round it out. The decaf is awful. I continue to order it because it gets me a couple extra of my favs in my regular monthly order.

Pascha Java
Amazing taste!

This coffee is so smooth and invigorating! So happy to have ordered it.

Good Tea!

Refreshing and amazing!!!

All thumbs up for Ethiopian Yirgacheffe!

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is by far my favorite flavor from the monks. I can only hope that someday they'll offer it year-round.

Affordable High Quality

I bought the whole bean coffee, I grind beans daily to use in drip coffee maker to make a pot to share with family. One advantage of buying the whole bean is that you can choose your level of grind at home to suit your taste and brewing method; sometimes I use my French press. You can't go wrong with this coffee, it is a fair price for such high quality. I can drink it black and is also good with cream and sugar. The beans are fresh and shipping is prompt. This coffee is above your average and even premium grocery store coffees. Less expensive than stopping at a coffee shop everyday.

Chocolate cherry

This is some of the best coffee I’ve ever had! It smells more like chocolate but it tastes more like cherry. All in all, a wonderful flavor combination that I can’t get enough of. I’m already anticipating March’s flavor!!

Loving Ethiopian

While I haven't tried other blends, I just love Ethiopian. Rich, smooth, consistent flavor. Super fast shipping. Love supporting the monks this way!

Cowboy & Royal Rum Pecan

It has been a while since I've had MM coffee but it is just as good as I remember. Royal Rum Pecan smells ESPECIALLY heavenly when brewing.

Breakfast blend coffee beans

Very good product


This is a well-balanced, flavorful coffee.


Just as flavorful as the last bag. Yummy!

Midnight vigil

Great tasting, bold, dark coffee! It's great to purchase a product I enjoy and to know the money is used for the Lord's work!

Carmel Heaven!!

I absolutely love this coffee!! I brew it in my office at work and everyone comes running when they smell it!! You definitely have a customer for life!

French Vanilla

The best French Vanilla coffee I've ever had. I've bought many store (name brand) and even small batch, local, versions of French Vanilla, and this is the best and most flavorful I've ever tasted and enjoyed.

Review on Royal Rum Pecan

I rate it 5 stars. I love it, that's why I ordered 2 bags this order.

Our Favorite!!!

My mom and I look forward to chocolate cherry every year. This is only place to give my 90 year young mom delicious flavored coffee and chocolate cherry is our favorite so I always order extra.

The best coffee

I love the coffee.

Love the taste

Coffee the way I like it, strong with no bitter flavor delivered right to my door

Bold, Not Bitter

A good dark roast coffee should have a bold yet smooth taste. (Unlike the blends of the famous coffee house that shall remain nameless.) Midnight Vigil fits the bill.

Also, I enjoy the idea that the proceeds go to support Carmelite monks. I recommend it!


Keep it coming, we love it!

Monk Cowboy Blend-

First time to try it... Really Like IT !!!! Have bought for awhile.... Very pleased !