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Jingle Bell Java
Barbara K.
It's a tradition!

This is a favorite of our family and we buy it every year to take or send to them as part of their Christmas gifts.

Paradiso Blend
Mark B.
Used for espresso and pour over

Favorite one so far out of the Thanksgiving and Mystic Monk blends I ordered at the same time. This one made me realize how much I love medium roasts because for a while I've been switching around and playing with different roasts. Love the fruitiness of light roasts from my pour over but my espresso machine doesn't have preinfusion and flow control to extract the best flavors consistently. Dark roasts have felt too bitter lately, even when I go lower temp and coarser grind I still feel it. I love this blend. Trying the Christmas blend, and two of the single origins next. Have a feeling I'll be back to the Paradiso soon. On top of that I love supporting Catholic monks.

Jingle Bell Java
Nancy S.
My Favorite

Jingle Bell Java/Pascal Java is my favorite! Love all the coffee at Mystic Monk but look forward to Christmas and Easter every year and stock up!

Jingle Bell Java
Margaret N.
Cannot order

I am trying to order and it dosen"t give me a prompt me to checkout and pay. Please help!

It should be "Morning Thanksgiving Blend"

I did like the coffee but it is on the "smooth" and light side for my taste. Great to drink alone, black, in the middle of the day.

Greatly exceeded my expectations

This is by and far one of the best coffee mugs I have ever had.
I love the concept of a double handled mug.
Over 5 years ago I had an earlier version of this mug from Mystic Monk. It was more of a standard size mug size and style with the logo printed on it. This current model is larger, built stronger, and looks amazing with the glaze finish and raised medallion logo. Very happy with this purchase.

Wonderful Mug

Two handed mug is wonderful for the cozy cup of coffee. I love it

Gave as a gift. They said it was very good.

Christmas Blend
Courtney P.

I stock up when this coffee comes back every season! It’s is such a great holiday blend without being too overpowering. I don’t know how else to describe it other than this is the best coffee!!

Great coffee

Coffee is robust and great tasting. Ordering and customer service was seamless. Now waiting for my holiday coffee to arrive

Decaf Mexican
Tracey B.
Monk Gold

Great coffee, we have been buying this for many years!

Christmas Blend
Matthew W.

Although I ordered one Thanksgiving blend and one Christmas blend, you sent me two Thanksgiving blends, so I never got to try the Christmas blend.

Coffee of the Month
Michael J.
I praise God for these Monks

This is the best coffee. Period. Doesn't need any cream or sugar, just black for the full flavor. The Colombia Tolima from October is absolutely exquisite. Friends and family all agree the taste is phenomenal! Keep up the good work Monks and God bless!

Candy Cane
Gary B.
Simply the Best

Every Mystic Monk coffee I've had has been good. Candy Cane is OUTSTANDING! Best coffee I'ver ever had! 'nuff said

Awesome Flavored Coffee

If you like flavored coffee and you have never had this one, I highly recommend giving this a try. My wife and I drink a ton of flavored coffee and Jingle Bell Java (and the same under a different name Pascha Java) is something we always want to have on hand.

I have not yet made any of the Jingle Bell.

I haven't tried it yet.

Amazing book

With everyday readings, these bite sized inspirations are priceless. It makes you feel so close to the Lord. Thank you monks for carrying this book on your site!

Great, smooth coffee

I just opened my bag of Christmas Blend and it did not disappoint! Very smooth! Delicious!

Breakfast Blend
Ellen M.
Excellent coffee!

Opened the first bag on Sunday. Will be back for more.

Favorite flavored coffee

When we brew this and take it in our travel mug, people always ask us about the coffee because the fragrance is amazing and the taste matches!

Royal Rum Pecan
LaDonna H.
Smells like heaven!

The first time I brewed a pot of whole bean Royal Rum Pecan, my 10-year-old son said, “Wow, that coffee smells like two angels had a baby!” :-) I don’t know exactly what that means, but I think he meant it smelled like heaven. My husband doesn’t normally like flavored coffee, but he absolutely loves this one!

Hermits Bold Blend
Wesley L.

Smooth and rich flavor.

Jingle Bell Java
Matthew M.
One of my wife’s favorite

This coffee just fits the holiday season. It’s great!

Candy Cane

My family loves the coffee, perfect for this time of year!

Good mug

The mug looks great and it’s a decent size mug.