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Not the Best I Had but Still the Best Brand

I reserve 5 stars for the very best. Mystic Monk Paschal Blend is my 5 Star coffee. The chocolate macademia nut, I love and thank God I got a 5 lb bag so can enjoy over

Pascha Java
Catherine M.


Papua New Guinea

One of our new favorites.

Paul C.
I'll take it black

I love coffee! I used to drink it with the usual, cream and artificial sweetener. One day on a whim(sp) I drank my coffee BLACK. WOW what a difference. The flavor of your DELICIOUS coffee rang out like a CATHEDRAL BELL. ALL the coffee I have ordered/received/drank is AWESOME FULL FLAVORED. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR WHAT YOU DO FOR US.


Mystic Monk Blend

It goes along with Morning Prayer. I have a monthly subscription 🤗

Wait for it!!!

as usual, the Chocolate Macadamia coffee was comforting, gentle on the palate and a total treat. However, something happened in the ordering: my inadvertance caused the order to be placed as WHOLE BEAN which puts a disadvantage (to me) to the preparation of our morning brew. But, most enjoyable anyway. Keep up the good work. Thanks

dark glistening beans

When we first saw the dark glistening beans of Super Monk Blend, we were apprehensive of bitter biting taste. But much to our delightful surprise, the aroma was gentle, leaving the aftertaste of mildly euphoric desire for more. We will definitely include this in our monthly rotation of coffee blends.

Paradiso Blend 5lb
Jennifer D.
The only coffee we drink!

Literally. We’ve had multiple guests have some and tell us it’s the best coffee they’ve ever had. Not only that, but we really love putting our money in places that align with our values!

New mug

Absolutely fantastic. Don’t know anyone would not love it.

Pascha Java
Wonderful, aroma and flavor.

This wonderful smelling coffee was so delicious and aromatic that I had to purchase a couple of bags as a birthday gift. It was well recieved!

Paul C.
Great memories

One of my first experiences drinking coffee was at a coffee shop and my friend suggested the Carmel coffee. As soon as I tasted Mystic Monk's Carmel coffee I was transported back to 1991. The de-caff Carmel coffee makes for a great late afternoon or evening ice coffee brew as well. Thank you Mystic Monk Coffee.

Just what coffee should taste like

Mystic Monk Coffee is just what coffee should taste like especially in the early morning, it is the perfect blend of coffee. I have tasted other Arabica coffees and they are either too strong or too weak. But, Mystic Monk Coffee is just right..what's the secret? The blessing from God. If God tasted coffee, he would approve as well. Thank you and God bless.

Coffee in my Mug

Delicious, satisfying, great start to my day.

Must Order

I love all the Monk's coffee and hard work. The White Chocolate Macadamia is the best. Order more than 1 box because you will want to stock up on this like I did. I will always order from my Blessed Brother Monks. May GOD always Bless each and every one one of you.

Vespers Decaf 5lb
Victoria K.
Very tasty

This is one of our favorite coffees from Mystic Monks. Vesper decaf is robust & full of flavor.

Pascha Java
Lora B.
Delicious coffee

I received a sample of Pascha Java when ordering Easter Coffees as gifts for family members. It is absolutely the best coffee I’ve ever had! So I ordered 4 more bags. Can’t wait until it is available again!!

Wonderful Start Of Day

Greetings. My wife and I love Mystic Monk first thing in early mornings. Its always a prayerful quiet time. This blend is wonderful. Life is good. Peace be with all of you

Pascha Java
Carleen M.S.
Great coffee

I had placed an order for some of the other coffees that i love and received a sample 6 oz. bag of Pascha Java with my order. After trying it and really loving the flavor I ordered three 12 oz. bags. I shared a small amount with one of my sisters and she commented that she liked the smooth flavor. I will continue to order this when it is available.

Maria S.
Absolutely Wonderful!

As soon as the bag was opened - the aroma filled the room. Truly, a rich and smooth blend of coffee. Each cup has been delightful! Thank you to Mystic Monk for this flavorful gift!

Gift Card
Margaret D.
Great gift

I got the gift card for my sister. She had five of us stay with her for a friend’s wedding. We drank a lot of coffee. I just wanted to pay her back.

Nothing better

Over the last couple years this has become my "go to" coffee. There is nothing better, and I take great delight in spoiling myself by drinking it every day. Only the Lord knows how many days I have in this life, and I see no point in wasting any of them on second-rate coffee. With Mystic Monk's Colombian, I never have to.

Monk Vault

I have 2 Monk Vaults. They are wonderful!

Pascha Java
Claudia S.

I love Pascha Java (Jingle Bell Java)! Is there a summer/fall version of these two?

Cowboy Blend
Jim S.
Excellent Black & Tan Choice

This is a great offering in the "black & tan" genre. Great balance of flavor. Very smooth with a great depth of flavor.

The more I drink, the better I like it.

This is a comfortable cup of coffee for my morning. My first experience was that it was a bit strong, but it has grown on me.