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Carmel 10ct.
paul h.
flavored coffee

Carmel is my favorite

Mystic Monk Blend

By far, the absolute BEST coffee we have had! We have had coffee from all over while in the US military. The Mystic Monk Blend stands at the head of the parade! You will not be disappointed.

Carmel 10ct.
Susan W.

Good coffee but not enough flavor for me. Tastes more like unflavored coffee.

Bought for Christmas presents

I belong to a group of people who meet weekly to discuss various topics and I bought these mugs as Christmas presents for the members.

Love their coffee!

I have tried a few of their coffees - all great. Favorites: Breakfast Blend, Mystic Monk

Coconut Margarita
Nichol H.
Great way to start the day

I loved the flavor. Typically I put creamer in my coffee, but there was none needed for this delicious flavor.

Blueberry Muffin
William M.
Catholic coffee with Catholic books

Great Coffee to enjoy with traditional Catholic books listening to Gregorian chant. Mystic monk coffee meets St. Thomas's Summa Theologica.

Jeanette D.

Good…not my favorite


I’m not usually a flavored coffee drinker but Mystic Monk coffees are in a class by themselves. Very delicious!.

Perfect Press

The Monk Press is hands down the best coffee press I have ever used! It is so easy to use, brings out the full flavor of the coffee, and keeps the coffee hot!

Best Flavor Ever

My best friend shared the Christmas coffee with me and I fell into the greatest flavor(s) ever.
Since then, I have discovered many other favorites. My original favourite is still my best choice but I have many other favorites in addition to my original one.
Thank you Mystic Monk for the great flavors and service.

Colombian 5lb
Jacob G.
Smooth, flavorful and hits the spot

My wife and I bought a 5 pound bag of this coffee after we had our first newborn. It is a lifesaver. If you’re going to jumpstart your day after waking up every hour all night, it might as well be with a magnificent cup of coffee.

Best flavored coffee ever!

We have tried flavored coffee from many different companies…ho hum to say the least. Finally the excitement in coffee is back! All the flavors are wonderful!!
“Jesus” coffee as we like to call it.

Vespers Decaf
Mary A.C.
Great decaf!

Really glad to find a great tasting decaf. Mystic Monk delivers very fast, too, and great service!

My new favorite

The whole idea of fruit-flavored coffee just seemed weird, but was I ever wrong! I can't drink full leaded coffee, so I mix this with decaf in a 2:1 ratio and it's still plenty flavorful. With some vanilla-flavored creamer, it's dessert for berakfast!

Breakfast Blend
Cinthia S.
Best. Coffee. Ever.

I ran out of my mystic monk coffee and had to buy a bag at the store. Just yuck compared to this coffee. I've tried most of them and really like all. Drinking breakfast blend now and just yum.

Paradiso Blend 5lb
Timothy B.
Consistent quality in aroma and taste.

Our family enjoys a blended coffee with premium flavors and that fills the kitchen with a refreshing aroma. We anticipate your smooth consistent quality taste that creates a moment of pease at the start of the day.

Breakfast Blend
Michelle B.

The perfect blend to wake me up in the morning! The aroma as its brewing is intoxicating!


They worked great in my kerig, but l would suggest more packing in the box since the amount is 10, they moved around sideways and upside down, more packing would stop that from happening. It caused one to spill out of the cup coffee all over the rest.

Cowboy Blend
Kelly M.
Great gift for all the men in my life!


Dark roast

Mystic monk dark roasts are great.

Love it

We love every one of your coffees we have tried!


All the coffee I’ve tried , has been wonderful and exceeded my expectations. Shipping is very prompt which is good because I’m always looking forward to it!!

A Favorite for Years!

Hermits Blend has been a favorite of our family for years. In fact, twice a year we host people in our valley and buy each person a bag. Good enough for us and good enough for a gift. Try it! You won't be disappointed.

Cold Brew Colombian
Michelle O.
Smooth Cold Brew Coffee

I freshly grind the beans and using fresh cold water, brew it in my fridge for 12-24 hours. Sometimes I add a little cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg to the beans just as I grind them to add to the already smooth flavor of this coffee.
My only suggestion would be to add cold brew directions to the bag.