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Absolutely delicious. Really like the cherry and chocolate combination.

Sent as Christmas Gifts

I have not yet purchased this coffee for myself, but sent two boxes of Monk Shots to friends who use K-cups. Each got a Christmas Blend plus Paradiso Blend. I'm waiting for feedback on flavors before ordering for me. A variety box would be a great way to start!

wonderful variety

I was amazed by the amount and variety! This was not a small stocking--it was huge--and well made. Thanks for making gift-giving easy with your quality coffees.

Excellent Product

I love how it is air tight and keeps my coffee fresh. I bought these for me. I will buy more for gifts.

A monk's mug.

this is a wonder mug for desk use and if needed travel purpose. Best mug to have for those days where you are in and out of the Friary! Best tasting coffee in a wonderful mug! Pax.


There great for Christmas gifts, I put them in a Christmas mug and then in a Christmas basket.

Irish Cream

All i can say is, i loooooove this coffee. The best there is! After a good brew of Mystic Monk you will never want to stand in a Starbucks line ever again. Starbucks who?! Mystic Monk Coffee is where its at. Buy Mystic Monk, you wont be disappointed.


would like to order all the time

Perfect Morning Start

You can't go wrong with any of these coffees but this is one of my favorite morning brews. A morning offering and a cup of Cowboy Blend will get your day off to a great start. Thank you Mystic Monks!

Awesome Red Mug

The mug was purchased for a family member in Texas so I only saw the mug in a picture they sent when the package arrived. The mug looked beautiful just like on the website. I ordered 3 in three different orders for family in OK & TX. Next year, I plan to order myself one!

Snickering Monk

This coffee has a nice snickers nutty flavor, perfect morning wake up.

Simply Amazing Coffees

What an amazing assortment of coffee! I am a huge lover of good coffee and these do not disappoint. I decided my first purchase would be this assortment so I could choose which to purchase on a regular basis. I’ve tried all the varieties and truly they are delicious and I’m still undecided as they all have their own unique smells and tastes. I will most definitely be a return customer again and again. And what a wonderful way to support this community of Religious! Blessings and great big thanks for supplying me with coffee that makes my taste buds dance with joy!

Everyone loves to receive this (and I had to keep some for myself too)

I can drink jingle java year round and be better for it!

Almost 5 stars

I really enjoyed the orange, cinnamon, and other spices, however, the tea itself was not strong enough for me, even when brewed according to the directions.

Beautiful and theraputic

This is a beautiful CD, exactly what I was craving. Very relaxing, soothing, and calming to the mind and soul in such a crazy world. Thank you so much to all the owners of these angelic voices. What a gift to everyone fortunate enough to hear it.

Great coffee!

This is a great blend and it makes a wonderful gift too!

I always like all your coffee but haven’t opened yet since it’s a Christmas gift for my daughter . Thank you very much . Merry Christmas in Live of Jesus and Mary.

Perfect for the season

I'm not a Christmas guy, in fact I'm kind of a Grinch! But this and the other December blends, make me wish Dec. was longer. This has a nice smooth flavor! 10/10

A Christmas Tradition

Simply the best!

A gift

I haven't had this one as was a gift; they really like it. I've ordered many more types for gifts since that one!...the Royal Rum Pecan we bought for us is fantastic!!!!

Coffee of Choice

Year Round Mystic Monk Coffee is our Coffee of Choice! Especially Jingle Bell and Pascha Java! Always can’t wait to order our 5lb bags!

Merry Christmas!

I bought several family members different blends and they are just arriving and they all are so excited. What a great gift and so easy to order and have delivered.

Unique mug.

This is the second of these two handled mugs for me. I enjoy the holiday color and love supporting the monks. Great way to drink my mystic monk coffee.

Great Coffee

I was impressed by the speed of the delivery. Coffee is always great.

Hand Feel Of These Mugs Is Great

I purchased this mug as a Christmas gift, but have been using a similar one every day for years. The two handed feeling of the mug makes me look forward to morning coffee. I had a stroke about five years ago and the two handles actually make it easier to grab onto with my double vision and bad depth perception. I brought my mug home from my office desk when I retired a year ago, and it continues to be one little connection to a long engineering career. It is simply a Great Mug !