5lb Bulk Coffee

Bulk Coffee = More Coffee

The average coffee drinker consumes at least three cups of coffee per day. Put in perspective, that's a lot of coffee — over five gallons a month! No wonder the coffee world is booming.

That also means you, and the millions of other coffee lovers out there, have plenty of options when it comes to choosing which roasters to buy from.

But purchasing bulk coffee from the dedicated and passionate roasters at Mystic Monk Coffee is more than just choosing a brand: You're supporting a cause while also ensuring that you always have your favorite blend on-hand.

The best part is that when you buy our specialty-grade coffee in bulk, you save money and create less waste. 

Never Run Out of Your Favorite Coffee

Did you know that our 5lb coffee bags have more than five times the amount of coffee in a regular 12-ounce bag? When you buy in bulk, you're considerate of your future self — future you won’t have to worry about ordering and restocking often!

In fact, with bulk coffee, you could have more than 400 nine-ounce cups of coffee before you even need to think about ordering again. 

Pay Less Upfront – and Save Money in the Long-Run

Our 5lb bags of coffee start at $67.95, but if you're a regular coffee-drinker, you'll instantly reap the cost-cutting benefits. Upfront, you're saving several dollars by buying in bulk instead of paying for several individual bags. Over time, that adds up!

But you’ll save in other ways, too. You get free shipping on every bulk order since our minimum for free shipping within the U.S. is $49.00.

Stay Environmentally-Conscious

We all want a better world, and one of the things we can do as roasters and consumers is be aware of our footprint.

Buying bulk coffee means buying less often, which means less packaging, shipping, and waste. Instead of opening  a new bag every few days, you can use the same 5lb bag for weeks through a single order. 

Mystic Monk Coffee: A Roastery and Monastery All in One

Mystic Monk Coffee is unlike any other in the coffee industry. Our team consists of a handful of devoted Carmelite monks who live in a monastery in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming. 

Each blend of beans is roasted with great care to create a high-quality cup of coffee. What's more, the monks only use the money made from the coffee sales for life necessities, meaning that every dollar goes toward funding the monk’s way of life in the monastery as they serve God. 

If you're still unsure, read on to see why Americans all over the country entrust Mystic Monk Coffee to deliver their favorite beans. 

We're Monks Who Make Coffee for a Cause

In the early 2000s, a group of Wyoming Carmelites were looking for a way to support their small yet growing community. Although cloistered, they desired to stay busy with manual work — a cornerstone of the monastic life — so they prayed and explored their options. 

The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming turned to high-quality and freshly-roasted coffee beans on the internet as a means of income. After all, coffee is a way to stay awake and alert, just as God intends! The first samples were roasted in a cast-iron skillet, and soon after, the Catholic company of Mystic Monk Coffee was born. 

Roasting coffee as a way to serve God may not seem like a familiar path in life, but it's the one that these Carmelite monks have chosen. Every morning as the sun rises, after prayers and a chanted Mass are complete, the monks go down the hill to the roastery and start their work. 

You Can Always Expect Freshly-Made Beans

The Carmelite monks are devoted to creating great coffee — in fact, it's their livelihood. From morning to afternoon, inbetween , the monks are in the roastery, perfecting blends and taste-testing every batch to ensure only the highest-quality coffee makes it into our customers’ cups. 

Each bag is also packaged using a sophisticated low-oxygen process, so the beans stay fresh during shipment. When your Mystic Monk Coffee bag arrives on your front doorstep, you'll taste and smell the same flavors and aromatics that are present during production all the way from the heart of Wyoming. 

Our Customers Know Where Every Dollar Goes

We are transparent with our customers about where every dollar goes. 

A few Carmelite monks started this venture while living in  small home, and now, with years of roasting and selling, the monastery has grown exponentially, with open arms to new and old monks alike.

Today, the monastery lives on a vast plot of land in the Rockies of Wyoming. We have an authentic Gothic-style stone monastery and separate hermitages for each monk in the cloister. 

Our profits go toward supporting our basic needs, which include housing, the refectory, the Chapter House, the guest house, clothing, food, and of course, coffee-making equipment. 

Bulk Coffee Beans in a Variety of Flavors, Blends, and Roasts

There are dozens of reasons why people enjoy their cups of coffee, and every person has preferences when selecting a flavor, blend, and roast. If you're unsure where to start on your bulk-buying journey, check out our recommendations. 

Flavored Coffees

Coffee drinkers who savor all the subtle flavors in their cups either love switching between complex flavors every couple of months or remain loyal to the one taste they favor the most. Wherever you stand, Mystic Monk Coffee has plenty of coffee flavors to choose from:

  • Carmel – A flavorful coffee with a homemade-caramel taste
  • Hazelnut – A classic favorite with a creamy and nutty hazelnut flavor
  • Royal Rum Pecan – An elegant coffee with regal tones of pecans, rum, and fresh cream

Blended Coffees

Unlike un-blended coffees likeColumbian andEthiopian, coffee blends combine Arabica beans sourced from more than one place, not a single origin. Each blend is a careful medley that considers which beans complement each other the best. 

Mystic Monk Coffee has several blends to choose from: 

  • Breakfast Blend – An invigorating blend with Central and South American beans
  • Cowboy Blend – An aromatic blend with medium and dark-roasted beans
  • Hermits Bold Blend – A lively dark roast with beans from Indonesia and Central America
  • Midnight Vigils Blend – A robust blend with notes of bittersweet chocolate and vanilla bean
  • Mystic Monk Blend – A perfect balance between aroma, flavor, and body
  • Paradiso Blend – A smooth blend with beans from Colombia, Guatemala, and Brazil
  • Espresso Blend – An intense coffee blend with hints of wood smoke and caramel

Coffees by Roast

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or simply enjoy a fresh cup in the morning, you're likely familiar with the three levels of roasts: light, medium, and dark.

Light roasts are less bitter with more acidity. Medium roasts have a balanced flavor with acidity coupled with sweetness. Dark roasts are very bitter with a rich, bold taste. 

  • Paradiso Blend – Medium-roast with natural flavors like a dark roast
  • Colombian – Medium-roast with a nutty taste 
  • Cowboy Blend – Medium-to-dark roast with cocoa, vanilla, and caramel notes
  • Midnight Vigils Blend – Dark roast with bittersweet chocolate and vanilla bean
  • Vespers Decaf – Dark roast decaf with bittersweet chocolate and malt tones

Frequently Asked Questions About Bulk Coffee

Although we have a Frequently Asked Questions page, we often get asked questions about our bulk coffee options. Here are some of the most common questions our roasters get. 

What Is Bulk Coffee? 

Buying in bulk is no new phenomenon: Big-box department stores are all over the country selling necessities in bulk so consumers can shop less. 

Bulk coffee is no different. It solves the issue of reordering often, which is why it's an excellent solution for families that are heavy coffee drinkers or those who prefer to budget with bulk groceries. 

Generally speaking, bulk coffee is anything more than the standard-sized coffee bags you might find at the store or from your favorite roastery. Standard sizes average around 12 ounces but may range between four and 16 ounces depending on the manufacturer. 

Mystic Monk Coffee's 5lb bulk bags translate to 80 ounces of fresh coffee beans in every pack!

How Long Are Bulk Coffee Beans Good For? 

Bulk coffee is good for several months, even after its opening. Whole bean coffee can last even longer than ground coffee—especially in one of ourMonk Vaults to seal in the flavor. After the grinding process, coffee loses its freshness faster. 

If you grind up beans in advance or buy ground beans and still have plenty to work through over the coming weeks or months, then Mystic Monk Coffee recommends storing your bags of coffee in the freezer. The freezing-cold temperature helps preserve the flavor and freshness of the beans! 

Is It Cheaper to Buy Whole Coffee Beans?

There are hundreds of age-old debates, and one of them is between ground coffee and whole bean coffee. The truth is, both ground coffee and whole bean coffee are available for the same price. So, if you don’t have time to ground your coffee yourself, buying pre-ground beans is the way to go. 

However, even the most enthusiastic ground coffee fans agree that whole bean coffee tastesbetter.

But when you buy in bulk, you're saving money compared to what you would spend on 12-ounce whole bean bags or ground bean bags — so you can’t lose with bulk coffee either way.

Can I Subscribe to Bulk Coffee Bags? 

We have a subscription service set up for our 5lb bulk coffee bags — just like  we do for many of our other 12-ounce gourmet coffee bags in ground, whole bean, and Monk Shot (coffee pods that are comparable to K-cups) form.  You can choose the subscription option when you click on the 5lb bulk bag item.

Your coffee subscription is easy to control: We require no minimum term and no obligation with exceptionally easy cancelation. Start your subscription today and end it next month if you'd like at no hidden costs or fees — we just want to ensure that you have your favorite coffee on-hand whenever you'd like it! 

Learn more about our subscription option today. 

Support the Coffee Company in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains

Like anyone else, the Wyoming Carmelites are on a journey — but our primary goal is to complete our monastery buildings and continue supporting our way of monastic life.

Support our livelihood by tasting our delicious, bulk-sized fresh gourmet coffee with free shipping. Start shopping for some of the best coffee you'll ever have today.