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Thanksgiving Blend, Archived Import - Mystic Monk Coffee

Thanksgiving Blend
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This fine coffee just received a very good 90pt review from coffee expert, Kenneth Davis! Here is what he said:

 " Sweetly roast-toned, chocolaty. Dark chocolate, gently scorched oak, cashew, lily, dried apple in aroma and cup. Gentle, backgrounded acidity; velvety-smooth mouthfeel. The rich, gently drying finish is laden with chocolate tones in the short and smoky oak and sweet flowers in the long." -  Kenneth Davids,, November 2016

A medium-dark roast with sweet peach tones mixed with hints of malt cocoa and charred cedar and a bittersweet aftertaste. 

Thanksgiving Blend has become a Mystic Monk tradition as we craft a blend to complement the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  The African coffee when roasted darker has sweeter peach tones and when combined with the Indonesian and South American coffees makes a gourmet roast that is bold enough to be enjoyed both with or without cream.

12 Ounces.