Mystic Monk Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 386 reviews
Miss E.M.
Smells good

I don't drink coffee. The add cam up on youtube and I bought some. Last time a recipe called for coffee I did not have any in the house. I took the coffee out of the bag and put it in a ziploc back for the freezer. I also kept a small anount in another zip loc bag. The entire house smells like the coffee that is in the smaller ziploc bag. It has a very strong aroma. The reson I am writing the review is the automated emails don't stop everyday. Today;s email says 14 days ago we sent your coffee.....
So I figure write the review on the smell. It's the only thing I can tell you about. It has a strong aroma that carries all through a two story house with brewing any coffee and is pleasant.

Sandy P.
Best In The World!

I had written my "Review" several times in the past, but I shall do so again. I did not tell my husband that I had purchased a "new brand" of coffee. I made him a cup the following morning after it arrived. After taking his first sip he then said, "This is the best coffee you've ever made. What did you do differently?" From that day on we have never drank (Or served to others) any other brand! We love it. I have purchased both types - ground and whole bean. I actually prefer the whole bean. We have had a coffee grinder for many and now I can actually use it! We traditionally drink Midnight Vigils Blend and Carmel. I love the names you give to your coffee flavors! We also had given a bag to our pastor (Catholic priest). He loved it!!

Loretta M.
Morning serenity

Enjoying my delicious hazelnut every morning while enjoying nature in my backyard ☕️😊

Connie D.
Hazelnut Coffee

My Sister In Law in Minnesota loves this coffee. I buy it for her as a treat.

Margaret O.
Nutty flavor

I'm enjoying this flavored decaf! Has an authentic hazelnut flavor.

High-quality Arabica coffee infused with the nutty sweetness of hazelnut.

Our hazelnut-flavored coffee is made from medium-roast Arabica coffee beans and gourmet hazelnut flavoring syrup. A favorite among flavored coffee drinkers and coffee purists, this is the best hazelnut coffee to add to your at-home coffee bar.