Earl Grey Tea

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Lorraine G.
Great flavor

Excellent tasting tea!

E G.
Wonderful taste!

This is really good Earl Grey tea. It beats the ones from the store which I had been buying.

Victoria M.
Excellent tea

We love our Earl Gray Tea! We highly recommend it!

Allan H.
I loved it!

I ordered the tea for a few reasons: One, because I wanted to support the Mystic Monk company, and two, because I wanted to branch out and try some tea. I typically drink only coffee. The tea was great and very affordable. I'll probably hop around different types of tea before I settle on a favorite, but the earl grey was excellent.


Great quality tea

Our traditional MysticaEarl Grey tea blend is a classic black tea that originated from England. It is a delicious mix of premium black tea leaves with the unique flavor of citrus fruit from natural Bergamot oil.

When brewed to perfection, the robustness of the black tea provides a malty and brisk undertone, which is then lifted with the citrusy aroma and flavor brought by the essential oils from fresh Bergamot orange rinds. In addition, the blue cornflower blossoms add a hint of sweetness and floral aromatics to every cup.

Altogether, ourEarl Grey Tea blends are among our most favored flavored teas in our vast selection of Mystica loose tea blends. Order one or more tea bags of our bestEarl Grey tea today, and we'll ship a fresh bag right to your door so you can enjoy its invigorating and soothing flavors.