Why Choose Mystic Monk Coffee

Have you ever pondered the journey of a coffee bean? Numerous steps go into preparing and roasting coffee before brewing a delicious cup of joe.

For most big-name coffee brands, the coffee bean’s journey starts and ends in a factory. But not at Mystic Monk Coffee. After chanting Mass and morning prayers every day, the Carmelite monks enter their red roasting barn on the green mountain tops of Wyoming and begin crafting the day’s coffee blends.

Mystic Monk Coffee started in 2006 with a dream to build a beautiful, Gothic monastery where Carmelite monks could live in solitude and worship God. Twenty years later, with continued success through Mystic Monk Coffee sales, the Carmelite monks were able to expand their holy space and support their community.

Rich Coffee Blends You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Most coffee aficionados are familiar with the ever-popular Breakfast Blend, a tried and true light roast coffee staple. But Mystic Monk Coffee also offers plenty of medium and dark roast blends handcrafted by the Carmelite monks. Enjoy these exclusive flavor profiles with the convenience of coffee pods! 

Need the taste of coffee without the caffeine? Mystic Monk has the perfect solution: Vesper’s Decaf. This dark-roasted, decaffeinated blend provides the flavor of a full-bodied cup of coffee without the caffeine. 

If you’re on the hunt for a new and unique cup of coffee, consider the Coffee of the Month subscription. You’ll receive a package of ten Monk-Shots containing a new type of coffee to sample every month.

Our coffee pod flavor of the month is always a welcome surprise, whether it’s a hard-to-find single-origin coffee or one of our much-loved blends. 

Incorporate a Fresh Cup of Coffee into Your Routine

Before the world had single-serve coffee options, brewing coffee was a timely and complex task.

Most coffee drinkers would brew a whole pot in the morning and return throughout the day to refill their cups. But this is not an ideal method for people who love to drink a fresh cup that delivers all the subtleties of the bean’s aroma and taste.  

Considering a machine’s efficiency, the strength of the coffee grounds, temperature, and brew time, there’s a lot of room for error. The reality is that achieving a delicious cup of coffee is challenging when brewing ten to twelve cups at once. And, unless you drink quickly, some of the coffee will sit in the pot and become stale. 

Single-serve coffee pods eliminate this challenge by giving coffee lovers all the tools they need for an excellent brew. Just pop in a coffee pod, insert water, and select your cup size to instantly make a full-bodied cup of coffee.

Monk-Shots are similar to Keurig K-cup pods and can be used in popular single-serve coffee brewers. However, unlike other brands of single-serve coffee pods, Monk-Shot capsules have 20% more coffee, so you’re guaranteed to have a flavorful cup every time you brew a pod.

Every package of Monk-Shots includes ten coffee pods, so you get plenty of opportunities to savor your favorite flavors and aromas. Get piping hot, fresh, gourmet flavors every time you use Monk-Shots.

Spice Up Your Day with Flavored Monk-Shots

Creamers and sweeteners can add a variety of flavors to a cup of coffee, but coffee connoisseurs know these additives can overpower the delicious taste of the bean itself. A rich, full-bodied cup of coffee should have flavor incorporated straight into the roasted beans. 

When you’re looking for an intriguing taste without having to add flavored creamers, Monk-Shots has a handful of delicious flavored coffees available as single-serve pods:  

Subscribe to the “Flavor of the Month” to receive limited edition flavors throughout the year! You won’t want to miss out on the phenomenal seasonal blends like Snickering Monk Candy Bar, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, and Jingle Bell Java coffee pods.

Add a Little Variety to Life

With all these delicious flavors, blends, and roasts, it’s tough only to choose one! That’s why Mystic Monk Coffee offers variety packs and monthly coffee subscriptions to our customers. 

Included within the variety pack are five different flavors, each with two coffee pods for a total of ten cups: Mystic Monk Blend, Breakfast Blend, Carmel, Royal Rum Pecan, and Vespers Decaf. Try our array of flavors and find your favorites today! 

Coffee connoisseurs, this one’s for you—Mystic Monk Coffee’s subscription service provides a monthly surprise blend straight to your doorstep. You might receive coffee pods for a single-origin bean you’ve never tasted before, or discover your new favorite flavor! 

Experience Authentic Coffee Roasted by Rocky Mountain Monks

Help support the humble Carmelite monks who have selflessly given up their lives to serve God by purchasing some of our delicious coffee, roasted daily with precision and devotion. Unlike other popular coffee brands, Mystic Monk Coffee consumers know exactly where their money is going. 

We value complete transparency—learn more about our mission at Mystic Monk Coffee and shop online for the exclusive Monk-Shots single-serve coffee pods today!