Mystic Monk Single-Serve Coffee Pods

Single-Serve Coffee Maker Pods vs.Coffee Capsules

Mystic Monk coffee pods are true coffee capsules, not pods. Because the term "coffee pod" has become so popular, coffee capsules like the Keurig K-Cup and our Mystic Monk single-serve coffee capsules are also called coffee pods.

They're vacuum-sealed plastic cups filled with fresh ground coffee roasted right here at our mountain monastery.

  • A coffee pod is a flat paper package filled with ground coffee. A pod looks similar to a round tea bag, but it contains coffee instead of tea leaves or dried herbs.
  • Coffee capsules are taller and more robust than coffee pods. They're constructed from durable material — plastic or aluminum instead of paper — and come with a foil top.

Both pods and capsules are types of single-serve coffee products. But it's the coffee capsules, like the Keurig K-Cup and Mystic Monk single-serve coffee capsules, are designed to work with pressurized coffee machines like the Keurig K-Cup brewers.

What Type of Single-Serve Coffee Tastes Better?

A coffee capsule is vacuum sealed, so it protects the ground coffee from oxygen, light, and any other contaminants. As a result, you'll enjoy a fresher, better-tasting brew when you enjoy coffee capsules vs. paper-based single-serving pods.

Enjoy Mystic Monk Single-Serve Coffee Pods in Keurig K-Cup Compatible Brewers

Mystic Monk Coffee capsules can be used with any single-serve machine, including Keurig coffee makers, as well Vimukun, Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart coffee makers. 

You can brew coffee with Mystic Monk Coffee pods using any single-serve machine compatible with the Keurig K-Cup. Simply pop your Mystic Monk coffee capsule into the machine, just like you would with a K-Cup, add water, and hit the start button.

With Mystic Monk coffee pods, you're always moments away from a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee!

(Mystic Monk Coffee® is not affiliated with Keurig®, maker of K-Cups®)

Mystic Monk Single-Serve Coffee Goes a Step Above the Typical Coffee Pod

Mystic Monk coffee pods are similar to Keurig K-cup pods and can be used in popular single-serve coffee brewers. However, unlike other brands, Mystic Monk capsules have 20% more coffee, so you’re guaranteed to have a flavorful cup every time you brew a pod.

Spice Up Your Morning Cup with Variety Packs and Monthly Coffee Subscriptions

With all these delicious flavors, blends, and roasts, choosing only one is tough! That’s why Mystic Monk Coffee offers variety packs in sets of 10 coffee pods per box and monthly coffee subscriptions to our customers. 

The variety pack includes five different flavors: Mystic Monk Blend, Breakfast Blend, Carmel, Royal Rum Pecan, and Vespers Decaf. There are two coffee pods of each flavor, adding up to ten cups of delicious coffee to enjoy. 

Coffee connoisseurs, this one’s for you— Mystic Monk Coffee’s subscription service provides a monthly surprise blend straight to your doorstep. You may receive single-serve coffee maker pods for a single-origin bean you’ve never tasted before or discover your new favorite flavor! 

Incorporate a Fresh Cup of Coffee into Your Routine With Mystic Monk Keurig-Compatible Pods

Before the world had single-serve coffee options, brewing coffee was a timely and complex task.

Most coffee drinkers would brew a whole pot in the morning and return throughout the day to refill their cups. But there are better methods for people who love to drink a fresh cup that delivers all the subtleties of the beans' aroma and taste.  

Coffee that sits too long can develop a stale or overly bitter taste. Depending on your machine, it might also cool down quickly, leaving you with a lukewarm cup.

With single-serve coffee pods, you can savor the warmth and rich aroma of a fresh brew throughout the day. No more settling for stale coffee after that first cup. Enjoy coffee as it should be: hot, fresh, and bursting with flavor and aroma.

Experience Authentic Coffee Roasted by Rocky Mountain Monks

Unlike other popular coffee brands, Mystic Monk Coffee drinkers know exactly where their money is going. When you select Mystic Monk for your morning cup, you're also supporting our monastery and helping us fulfill our mission.

Whether you prefer a bold dark roast, a light roast, or even a flavored coffee, we know you'll love our Mystic Monk Coffee. Try our coffee capsules and enjoy our special single-serve monk-shot coffee today!