Double Handled Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Have you ever sat back and relished an excellent, rich cup of coffee? A cup so good that you can taste every hint of flavor with just a sip? 

When you use a double handled ceramic mug, it’s easy to have small, quiet breaks at your kitchen table where you are fully present in the moment. Putting your hands on both handles brings your attention to the beverage at hand — you can’t browse your phone or flip through the morning paper. It’s just you and your brew. 

The Carmelite Monks use double handled mugs to give thanks to God for a bountiful coffee roast. When you’re sipping Mystic Monk Coffee, you’ll be thankful too — these mugs will help you stay present in the moment while enjoying a fresh cup of joe. 

A custom glaze covers every wheel-thrown mug before it’s fired in a kiln for a truly one-of-a-kind look. While the colors remain the same, the patterns from the custom glaze will vary slightly between each stoneware product. Mystic Monk currently offers three durable, glazed ceramic coffee mugs: 

With the distinct Mystic Monk design and the unique double handle, these coffee mugs will be an instant conversation starter with guests in your home. They also make perfect gifts for the coffee lovers in your life. 

These handy glazed mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe, so you can easily wash your drinkware or warm up your coffee when needed. 

Not only do double handled ceramic mugs encourage users to be mindful of their delicious coffee, but it also works great for individuals who struggle with motor disorders. People with tremors, balance issues, and uncontrolled spasms can firmly hold onto their mug with two hands rather than risk a spill with a single handle cup. 

And when winter rolls around, you can take your double handled ceramic mug outside to watch the snowfall. The freshly brewed cup of coffee will warm your hands (and soul) while you enjoy life’s little moments.

Monk Press Travel Mug

A good travel mug will maintain your coffee’s temperature for a few hours, but a great travel mug lets you brew your own cup! The Monk Press Travel Mug features a plunger to strain coffee grinds and create a full-bodied, rich cup of French Press coffee on the go. 

The process is simple: load the travel mug with coarsely ground beans, steep for two to four minutes, and press down the plunger! 

This cup of joe will taste so good you’ll want a second cup — and with the Monk Press Travel Mug, you can do just that. At the bottom of the mug lies a hidden compartment to store extra coffee grinds for a second brew. 

You’ll want to invest in whole bean coffee for the best results. A French Press plunger will struggle to strain finely ground coffee, and you could find grinds in your cup. Check out Mystic Monk’s whole bean coffee collection to find the best bean for your brew. 

Don’t have the proper grind for French Press coffee? The Monk Press Travel Mug is insulated and will maintain any beverage’s temperature for a few hours, keeping your drink fresh with every sip. Drip coffee, tea, hot chocolate — use this mug for anything! 

The Monk Press Travel Mug features rubber coated steel handles for extra protection. You can maintain a firm grip on your mug without feeling the heat from inside the cup. 

This functional and convenient travel mug is perfect for long road trips — why stop for coffee when you can make your own delicious brew on the road?

Choose Mystic Monk and Make a Difference

In 2007, the Carmelite Monks started Mystic Monk Coffee to support their life in solitude. Their goal was to construct their dream monastery: a beautiful Gothic monastery to house the monks in their cloister and give prayer to God.

Over the past 15 years, the Carmelite Monks have settled within the Rocky Mountains and broke ground to create their Gothic monastery. While they’ve made significant progress, the church is still ongoing construction. All the funds from sales go towards helping the Carmelite Monks in their everyday life and achieving their ideal monastery.

Purchase one of our beautiful ceramic mugs today with your order of Mystic Monk Coffee and sip your beverage in style. Not only will you enjoy the unique features of our mugs, but you will help support the Carmelite Monk culture and continued development of their Rocky Mountain home.

Experience Heavenly Gourmet Coffee from the Comfort of Your Home

Don’t settle for a cheap ceramics mug — you’ll be stuck drinking cold coffee halfway through your beverage. Mystic Monk’s stock of double handled ceramic coffee mugs and distinct travel mugs are made to fit your coffee needs, whether you make french pressed coffee on the go or indulge in a freshly brewed cup at home. 

Look at the freshly roasted coffee available today on the Mystic Monk Coffee collections page. Once you find relevant results with your ideal coffee flavor, check out our cup stock and find a companion mug to complete your perfect cup of coffee.