Colombian 5lb

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Our Colombian is the ideal medium roast; nutty, with pleasant brightness to wipe the sleep from your eyes.

Grown high in the mountains of Colombian, these beans are Excelso grade Arabica and have undergone European Preparation prior to export, meaning each bean is hand sorted so only the finest make it into the roast.


Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Wonderful coffee!

We bought this in the small bags a few times before realizing we should just buy the big bag. It's my husband's favorite coffee! I still prefer flavored coffees, but this is my favorite non-flavored.

Great stuff!

I'm not that knowledgeable about coffee but I know I like lighter roasts and I've tried a few the last couple years. This one is hands down my favorite. It's pretty smooth with a nice acidity. I'm very happy that you can buy it in 5lb bags because that's all I need.

Robin R.
excellent coffee!

Columbian in my mind is the most classic of coffees, and the monks' version does not disappoint! This is a great all-around coffee which has a nice body and flavor - perfect for a morning cafe au lait.


huge bag of coffee that will last well over a month. good price for quality/quantity.

The best from the Monks.

I'm not one for flavored coffee, and this coffee isn't flavored. That's what is so good about it. If you enjoy the taste of real coffee, sans hazelnut, chocolate, peppermint, and all other sorts of corrupting influences, you will find in this coffee a medium blend that speaks for itself. This is my standard go to coffee: full bodied, without crazy flavor notes. It fortifies you without making you question what subtle flavors you are noticing due to its heavy body and mouthfeel. You will love this coffee.