Debunking Coffee Storage Myths

Have you ever enjoyed a delicious, full-bodied cup of coffee made by a barista and wondered how to achieve the same results at home? You're not alone: If all coffee drinkers could achieve restaurant-quality brews at home, cafe coffee sales would plummet! 

But how do they manage to make such a fresh cup of joe? It comes down to the great coffee gear. 

For the coffee experts, you might be thinking,"I have the gear! But when I grind my whole beans, measure them out with a coffee scoop, and time the brew perfectly, it still doesn't taste the same." 

If so, you need to investigate how you store coffee and whether it's done with proper storage. Many coffee connoisseurs don't realize that excessive UV light, temperature, and oxygen exposure can damage whole coffee beans.

Myth #1: Coffee Can Be Stored in the Fridge

Many coffee lovers believe that storing beans in the fridge will maintain freshness, but this couldn't be further from the truth. 

There are significant problems with storing coffee in the fridge:

  1. A fridge's frequent opening and closing cause temperature fluctuations, damaging freshly roasted coffee beans. Whether you store ground coffee or whole-bean coffee, both will be significantly affected by the temperature of the fridge. 
  2. Beans will absorb the aromas within the fridge, which ultimately alters the taste. Think of it this way: Nobody wants to brew a fresh coffee pot and discover it tastes similar to last night's chicken dinner. 

Freezing coffee isn't ideal either because you have to dethaw the beans before grinding. The dethawing process can expose your beans to humidity, breaking down the delicate flavors roasted to perfection. You should only freeze beans if you know you  will not  consume the bag within two to four weeks. 

So if you have a favorite seasonal variety of coffee, like Pumpkin Spice or Snickering Monk Candy Bar, use a stainless steel coffee storage canister to hold your fresh coffee beans. Here's all you have to do:

  1. After opening a new pack, load the whole beans or grinds into your coffee storage container.
  2. Place the coffee container back in a cabinet or cupboard.
  3. The airlock seal will maintain a coffee bean's bold, robust flavor for weeks to come!

Myth #2: Artificial Light Will Not Harm Coffee Beans

As you can imagine, UV rays can significantly damage the natural flavor of the coffee. But did you know that artificial light — like regular bulbs found in most homes — can also affect a new bag? 

Photodegradation of caffeine happens when whole beans are exposed to light sources, causing chemicals present in coffee to break down and weaken the flavor profile of roasted beans. 

When you're purchasing gourmet coffee to brew at home, the last thing you want is to ruin the delicious blend with light exposure. 

But it's not enough to store your coffee in a clear storage container in a dark cupboard — the best coffee canisters will block your coffee from being exposed to light through the outer material. Unless you know how to brew coffee in the dark, you need a coffee bean storage container to maintain peak freshness. 

The Best Coffee Storage Container to Keep Beans Fresh

Mystic Monk Coffee Vaults keep your coffee fresh, protecting your coffee from environmental changes so your cup tastes like it was roasted that morning! If you're not yet convinced, then here's why you need a state-of-the-art airtight coffee container.

Reason #1: The Coffee Canister Holds Just Enough Coffee

So, how much coffeecanour vaults hold? Our signature coffee canister will contain one pound of coffee, so you can order your favorite flavor in bulk without worrying about the coffee grounds becoming stale from the air inside. 

Reason #2: The Airtight Coffee Container Keeps Your Coffee Fresh

The canister's lid was designed to push air out of the container, so no beans would be damaged before they are used to brew a full-bodied cup of joe. The tight seal and stainless steel body will keep out any harmful contamination. 

Reason #3: The Coffee Canister Has a Unique Design

Each coffee vault features the exclusive Mystic Monk design: A monk holding a cup of coffee in two hands, preparing to take a sip.

Not only is this a beautiful piece of decoranda conversation starter, but your other household members won't have to break the airtight seal to see what's inside. The Mystic Monk design signals that this airscape coffee storage canister holds gourmet beans.

(These convenient stainless steel coffee canisters can preserve more than just coffee grounds. You can keep other materials like sugar and tea inside while you wait for your next coffee shipment!)

Taste the Freshness of Rocky Mountain Roasted Coffee

At Mystic Monk Coffee, we want to ensure that every cup of coffee maintains its rich, full-bodied flavor when brewed at home.

That's why we offer high-quality, 18/8 stainless steel coffee vaults to maintain freshness.

Pair your favorite Mystic Monk Coffee blend with our high-quality, airtight coffee storage containers, and maintain long-lasting, robust coffee flavors with every cup.

Each brew will taste as heavenly as the last when you store whole-bean coffee within the Monk Vaults!

Buy Mystic Monk Coffee Vaults

Mystic Monk Coffee Vaults are stainless steel canisters that keep light and air away from your beans, maintaining peak freshness within every cup.

Our exclusive coffee vaults come in two distinct colors: 

  • Stainless Steel Chrome: This stainless steel airtight canister is made of restaurant-grade 18/8 stainless steal with a scratch-resistant finish. This quality material prevents bacteria from growing inside.
  • Matte Black: This matte black airtight container is also made of restaurant-grade 18/8 stainless steel materials that is scratch- and bacteria-resistant, but is designed to appeal to those who prefer a bolder container.

Our airtight coffee containers shield your Mystic Monk from light, carbon dioxide, and  temperature changes.

And best of all? Every single dollar spent goes to fund basic living essentials for the Carmelite Monks in Wyoming. Learn more about our way of life and what we do here.