5lb Amaretto

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The S.M.
Utterly delicious

Amaretto flavor is our ABSOLUTE favorite with Royal Rum Pecan taking up 2nd place. Because we like our coffee "half-caff", we mix equal parts regular and decaf amaretto. We bought 2 x 5lb bags of each for a total of 20lbs of coffee!

The flavor is INCREDIBLE. Getting the coffee brewing is the first thing we do in the morning with the smell filling the kitchen as it brews in the french press. Shortly after we pour out the coffee to our cups, we get water boiling again for the next brew... we know we're going to need it soon enough. And if you like to add in a little liqueur... good amaretto mixes well. You can't have too much of this wonderful flavor!

Donna R.
Buy Now, Enjoy for Months

Love this flavor so much I buy multiple bags whenever it appears! This time I tried the five-pound bag and loved both the coffee and the volume discount price. I open that big bag in the morning and my whole kitchen is transformed by the incredible aroma!

One of the best flavor coffees around….

In my opinion, this is one of the best Mystic Monks can offer as a flavor coffee; I was running empty on the 12oz bags often that I decided to buy now the 5lb bag and store it on a special long-term canister. Just one warning: Do not add too much of it on your French Press as it could become a little bit bitter (2 and a half round spoons is enough for a regular size carafe).

Smooth rich and flavorful our Amaretto flavor is full of rich almond notes and just a hint of rich toffee. Add a dollop of cream and a spoonful of sugar to make the perfect desert coffee!