Double Handled Mug

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It is a long standing tradition that Carmelites drink coffee using both hands in thanksgiving for the fruits of the harvest. These double handled mugs are handmade in the USA and feature an exquisitely detailed Mystic Monk Coffee logo on the central medallion. Finished with a distinctive two-tone olive/cocoa glaze, these mugs are Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

16 ounces

Customer Reviews

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jason w.
Great mug

I like it very much; it keeps my coffee warm for a long time.

Older style

Years ago I asked for and received for Christmas one of your advertised 'imperfect' double handed mugs that was offered, along side of the more classy styles that were available. They were almond color, no emblem, cheap price, imperfect as described. Cracks in the glaze, uneven handles. I love this mug. Why? Because it is a reminder to me that I too am imperfect. A broken handle is now held together with glue, yet I still use it on a daily basis. It's too bad it is no longer offered, as I would buy a replacement over the fancier products offered.

Deborah A.
OH! What a WONDERFUL mug!

My first order was for two mugs, one of each color. They were so beautiful and well-made and I could just imagine holding one with both hands to warm them on a cold morning with a hot cup of cocoa, coffee, or tea. But they were too beautiful to keep so I sent them to my sister and brother-in-law for their 47th anniversary...and they LOVE them. So then I ordered a 3rd cup for my husband for our anniversary. He loved the blue one from the first order so I got him one... Guess who's been drinking out of it!!! I have such good taste!!! I love the rougher parts of the feel of hand-thrown pottery but the smoothness of the glaze is perfection, and, of course, the insignia of the Mystic Monk Coffee makes them unique. You gentlemen have hit it out of the ballpark with these classy and oh-so-special mugs. Thank you for offering them. May God continue to bless you in your work and vocation, in His Holy Name.

Jennifer H.
Love the mug!

One of my favorites :). Love supporting this and nice mug.

Corl L.
Who knew two handles elevates the coffee drinking experience?

I thought it was a gimmick but ordered the two-handled mugs just for fun. Not anticipating anything else, I was surprised to feel an entirely new experience. By using two hands to raise the cup to my lips sipping became a more immersive act. My body was balanced between left and right, and the feel of this new drinking style was perfect and peaceful ... almost religious! (Makes sense as they are sold by Monks, after all!) Count me as a convert to the two-handled mug club!