Paradiso Blend Double Handled Mug

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Megan M.
Gorgeous and sturdy!

I love my Paradiso Blend Double-Handled Mug! The beautiful glaze and the substantial heft as I hold it with both hands give me a sense of joy and wellbeing! The mug was a gift from my daughter (along with two kinds of Mystic Monk coffee), so I cherish it even more because of that. Since it's new, I've been limiting myself to using it on weekends so it's a special treat. Thank you, Mystic Monks, for your delicious and beautiful products!

Charles T.
Very high quality product!

This is maybe the last mug I will ever need to buy. Extremely well-made, strong and sturdy, feels like it would last a lifetime. I've run it through the dishwasher and microwave numerous times with no hint of wear whatsoever. It's the perfect size: big enough that you feel you're getting an XL coffee/tea, but not so big as to be awkward. Last but not least, I love the whole concept behind this mug: that you're supposed to hold it with both hands—as if in prayer—and not looking at your phone or other distractions. I'm going to be buying these as gifts for a lot of family very soon.

Nick L.

I purchased two mugs along with Monk Shots as gifts my daughter and friend loved them both.

Jerry F.
Best Mugs And Coffee

My wife and I are already big fans of the coffee and mugs so I gifted my brother both the breakfast blend coffee and a couple mugs for his birthday. He loves 'em!

Double handle Paradiso Mug

I love it!!! The glaze is beautiful. It’s well balanced—like holding it with two hands. I’m arthritic so it helps. And I like the story about thankfulness for the harvest. The logo with the friar makes me feel like I’m there enjoying the serenity of the work & the mountains.

It is a long standing tradition that Carmelites drink coffee using both hands in thanksgiving for the fruits of the harvest. These double handled mugs are handmade in the USA and feature an exquisitely detailed Mystic Monk Coffee logo on the central medallion. Finished with a distinctive two-tone glaze, these mugs are Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

16 ounces