Monk Coffee Vault Storage - Black

New! Protect your precious Mystic Monk Coffee from the harmful effects of air and UV rays with our Monk Coffee Vault.

The Monk Coffee Vault has a unique air-removing lid that forces out flavor destroying air and keeps your coffee fresher, longer. It is constructed from sturdy restaurant-grade 18/8 stainless steel, and has a scratch resistant finish.

The Monk Vault is a must-have for any coffee drinker, and also works great for tea, sugar and many other food items. (Capacity 64 fl.oz)

Holds approximately one lb of coffee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Well made and functional

I bought a black vault. It's sleek, beautiful and well made. It keeps coffee flavors and fragrant longer than 2 weeks. Coffee stayed fresher. I am very happy with the product. Highly recommend.

Keeps Coffee Fresh

Works as expected

Attractively Fantastic!

These vaults are cool! I honestly bought one because of the looks. The black vault with the white monk is a conversation (to conversion??) starter. But they are more than good looking. They really do keep the coffee a newly opened bag each day. It's easy to use. Just use the inner lid to squish all the air out of the vault and then put the regular top on. I'm planning on getting a 2nd vault for even more Mystic Monk coffee!

Vault Review

I purchased 2 vaults. One black for our Mystic Monk coffee and a silver one that I use for Yeast. They are fabulous! So easy to use! I had 2 old coffee containers that we had to pump/suck out the air. It was difficult and they eventually stopped working. I'm so happy with my Vaults now!


The Monk Coffee Vault is impressive. Innovative lid design squishes out all of the headspace air. Every day is like opening a new bag of Monk Coffee. Well done. The sleek all black design is a conversation starter for visitors too!