Monk Coffee Vault Storage - Black

New! Protect your precious Mystic Monk Coffee from the harmful effects of air and UV rays with our Monk Coffee Vault.

The Monk Coffee Vault has a unique air-removing lid that forces out flavor destroying air and keeps your coffee fresher, longer. It is constructed from sturdy restaurant-grade 18/8 stainless steel, and has a scratch resistant finish.

The Monk Vault is a must-have for any coffee drinker, and also works great for tea, sugar and many other food items. (Capacity 64 fl.oz)

Holds approximately one lb of coffee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Dixie A.
Coffee vault

I love the coffee vault. It is the 2nd one I have purchased. I will probably be ordering more in the future.

Thomas B.
Super coffe vault

Well designed, well crafted! Easy to use and seals tight as a drum... I now have one for each flavor of Mystic Monk coffee that I have!!

David P.
Good value

The coffee storage is a necessary investment for good coffee. It keeps the coffee fresh, thus you can enjoy the last cup as you did the first cup when the package was just opened.

Donna T.
Works well, beautifully crafted

This clever product keeps the beans super fresh with it's amazing vacuum seal handle and additional tight storage lid. I have never seen this style of storage container and had my doubts, but not only is it easy to use, it works! Bonus points for aesthetic appeal. Thanks!

Mary J.
Mysticly Amazing

Coffee smells and tastes amazing! The monk vault is a great investment to keep the coffee fresh. Very satisfied!