Monk Coffee Vault Storage - Black

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I Like It

These vaults are nice, quality storage bins and work for more than just coffee. I especially like the cool monk logo. I already had a silver vault and the black one is now a useful companion. These vaults also make a great gift idea.

Sam J.R.I.
Well designed keeper

I’d recently switched from the K cups to ground so I could enjoy the Ethiopian blend. That is when I bought my 1st keeper.

A few weeks ago I purchased a couple of bags of the Ecuadorian blend. I needed my 2nd keeper.

I can keep 2 bags of coffee in each keeper. I sure am happy they provide a near perfect vacuum seal with the two lids system. The Java stays fresh from the first scoop to the last.

I’m very happy they offer two colors 😉

Toni B.
Black Coffee Vault

I already had the silver coffee vault, but I wanted another one for decaf coffee. This will come in very handy during road trips and camping. Coffee stays fresh for long periods of time.

Greg J.
Top cannister

This is a very nice item. I like the fact that it's double sealed so it will keep the coffee dry and fresh. I would not hesitate to recommend this product.

Nice storage comtainer

It works well with the vented plunger. These containers make it easier to scoop out the coffee than the bags the coffee comes in and is air tight. It's a natural motion to grab the handle to pull which automatically opens the vent to make it easy to pull up and closes when you push the handle down when finished (just do it slowly). I bought one black and one silver, so I know which type coffee is inside without putting on a label.

New! Protect your precious Mystic Monk Coffee from the harmful effects of air and UV rays with our Monk Coffee Vault.

The Monk Coffee Vault has a unique air-removing lid that forces out flavor destroying air and keeps your coffee fresher, longer. It is constructed from sturdy restaurant-grade 18/8 stainless steel, and has a scratch resistant finish.

The Monk Vault is a must-have for any coffee drinker, and also works great for tea, sugar and many other food items. (Capacity 64 fl.oz)

Holds approximately one lb of coffee.