Monk-Shots Brewing Tips

Making the perfect Monk Shot.
It's easy to brew the perfect cup of coffee using our single-serve Monk Shots!  Here's how:
1.  Place the Monk-Shot in the filter holder of your single-serve machine
     Every machine is different, so see the manufacturers documentation if you need additional information.
2.  Choose your desired cup size
    Since Monk-Shots have a bolder, richer taste than most other single-serve cups, they taste good even on the larger cup sizes.  We recommend using the 10 oz. size for a nice bold brew.
3.  Start brewing
    It will take around 20 seconds before the coffee starts to pour into your mug.  This is because the Monk-Shots have Pre-Soak technology, which means that the water is in contact with the coffee for a much longer time than regular single-serve cups.  This means that your cup of coffee will be much bolder and flavorful.  In fact we've compared our coffee brewed in Monk-Shots to our coffee prepared in a regular drip machine, and in every case the coffee made with the Monk-Shots tasted even better than the drip coffee!
4. Enjoy!
  Now is the time to add cream and sugar (if desired) and enjoy your mug of Mystic Monk Coffee!  We freshly pack the Monk-Shots right after roasting, so they are just as fresh and tasty as our regular coffees.  For an extra special treat we recommend our Coffee of the Month Monk-Shots - a new rare and excellent coffee each month!  You can see them, and all of our Monk-Shot varieties here: