Lemongrass Mint Tea

Lemongrass, green tea and peppermint fuse in an elegant twist, giving you a deliciously energizing blend.

2oz loose leaf bag (makes about 26 cups)

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Green Tea, Peppermint.

Customer Reviews

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Ann T.
Very pleased

I was delighted with Lemongrass Mint Tea....flavorful, calming, very pleasant overall

Robert L.R.

Yet-ANOTHER "GREAT", "Mystic Monks" HOT beverage product!! Wife & I are currently REALLY enjoying this "Mystic Monks" [Herbal] tea variety!! The "Mint" portion of flavor is VERY distinctive for Us, while the "Lemongrass" portion is a little more "subtle", yet definitely "noticeable"! We've been making Our various "Mystic Monks" bulk teas using Our "Mr. Coffee" coffee-maker machine. This can be done by simply placing a coffee filter in basket as USUAL, then sprinkling (Approx.) 3-to-4 tablespoons of bulk tea into filter/basket, then filling reservoir right to "Brim" with 12-Cups + of COLDEST tap water We can get. Makes 12+ "GREAT"-tasting cups of tea 1st time around! Then: For a "follow-up (2ND) pot of tea, I "agitate", "turn" Or "mix-up" original helping of bulk tea in the coffee filter/basket, then sprinkle an additional (Approx.) One-to-Two (1-to-2)) TEA-spoon(s) of SAME bulk tea over TOP of old tea; then pour another 12-Cups+ of COLDEST tap water possible into reservoir, for yet-ANOTHER "GREAT"-tasting pot of tea. Sometimes: We can ACTUALLY get a 3rd, "short" pot of tea in like fashion by adding just following instructions outlined above, Or: By adding One (1) teabag of a "SIMILAR" tasting tea on top of original "Mystic Monk" (Or other) bulk tea! Yeah: Might sound sorta' "cheap-&-tacky" (!!), but hey: Wife & I are "Old Duffers" who have to make EVERY penny & dollar "Count" these days!! We are still "discriminating" specialty tea drinkers who want Our tea to taste "GOOD-&-Fresh to the last drop", so We do NOT do this IF it's going to ultimately "Ruin" or sacrifice the taste & satisfaction experience We expect from Our "GREAT"-quality bulk teas from the "Mystic Monks", and/or others! HOPE all others who order "Mystic Monks LEMONGRASS MINT" flavored herbal tea will ENJOY it as much as Wife & I are!!

Antique R.

The description has left me a bit confused. I love mint and i do not like peppermint. Which one is in this tea? Package says mint but other commentary says peppermint.

Ken W.
Good Tea!

Refreshing and amazing!!!

Maureen d.
Refreshing and comforting

This tea is my very favorite. The mint is so refreshing and the lemongrass a nice touch.