Paradiso Blend

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Developed over 6 years and released in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Mystic Monk Coffee, the medium-roasted Paradiso Blend is the smoothest coffee we've ever roasted!

With rich hazelnut-like nuttiness provided by mountain-grown Colombian Arabica beans, sweet orange zest from fresh Guatemalan beans, and a rich chocolaty finish from specialty-grade Brazilian beans, the Paradiso can be enjoyed black, fresh from the coffee pot, or with a little cream to accentuate the sweet, raisin-like fruit notes.

Paradiso Blend is universally enjoyed by all palates and is destined to be a favorite of dark roast lovers, and mild roast lovers alike.  Non-flavored, but packed with natural flavors from the specialty Arabica beans, Paradiso Blend is not to be missed.

12 Ounces

Customer Reviews

Based on 1014 reviews
Chloe G.
So very pleased !

My orders have also given me a great opportunity to give some as a gift to family and friends!

Roman B.

Great coffee , great service. Super happy I found them! Thank you!

Keith B.

I'm not a coffee expert...all I know is I really like the taste of this blend. Well done!

Mick M.
Best blend yet

This is a smooth, mellow cup of coffee for that day when you just need a few minutes to unwind.

Kathy G.
Best coffee I've ever tasted

The Paradiso Blend is full bodied but without giving the drinker a super jolt, rich, smooth and a delight for the tongue. It is now my favorite brew in the morning and I look forward to praising God while sipping this wonderful blend.