Double Handled Mug

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It is a long standing tradition that Carmelites drink coffee using both hands in thanksgiving for the fruits of the harvest. These double handled mugs are handmade in the USA and feature an exquisitely detailed Mystic Monk Coffee logo on the central medallion. Finished with a distinctive two-tone olive/cocoa glaze, these mugs are Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

16 ounces

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Gifted this

I have one of these for myself that I use daily. This latest purchase was a birthday gift for our parish pastor, along with a bag of coffee from his homeland.

Samuel C.

I’ve wanted one of these for almost 20 years. Finally went ahead and got one, and it’s wonderful! Been reading some St. John of the Cross with it, and it’s been great.

George R.R.
Essential Tremors

For folks with essential tremors these are the perfect gift. I am about to go through DBS surgery to fix my essential tremors in both left and right hand. I got one mug for neurologist Doctor, one for Neurological surgeon, and one for my neurological assistant who will be with me in surgery. Please keep these physicians in your prayers as I go through my procedure on October 6 & 13.---Tyler, Texas

Barbara B.
Never thought I NEEDED a double-handled mug UNTIL . . .

I got this one from Mystic Monk! Don't know how I snuggled with my hot chocolate previously but I know how to do so now. 8^D

David M.

Very unique! Love it!!