May 29, 2024 2 min read

Robusta coffee beansare among the most popular in the world, but they still don't get quite as much attention as they should. Let's change that.

Read on to get a taste of where robusta beans are produced. We'll also share its flavor profile and other distinct traits.

What is Robusta Coffee?

Robusta coffee, scientifically known as Coffea canephora, is one of the two primary species of coffee beans used for commercial production.Robusta coffee beansaccount for over forty to fifty percent of the world's coffee production. That makes it the second most-produced coffee bean in the world, right after the #1-produced Arabica coffee bean.

Origins of Robusta Beans

The origins ofRobusta coffee bean species can be traced back to the forests of central and western Africa. In particular, it is said to come from the Congo, Uganda, and Nigeria. Unlike Arabica, which is believed to have originated in Ethiopia, Robusta coffee thrives in lower altitudes and warmer climates. Over time, its cultivation has spread to various regions across the globe, including Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Flavor Profile

Robusta coffee is characterized by its strong, bold flavor profile, often described as earthy, woody, and possessing a distinct bitterness. Unlike Arabica beans, Robusta contains a higher caffeine content, contributing to its robust taste. When brewed, Robusta coffee produces a thick crema and a full-bodied texture, making it an ideal choice for espresso blends and coffee beverages requiring a strong flavor profile.

Unique Qualities ofRobusta Coffee Beans

Robusta beans have many unique qualities compared to other bean types. Here's a brief list of its special traits to consider:

  • They are resilient to pests and diseases. This is due to their having higher caffeine levels and being less vulnerable to environmental factors.
  • They tend to produce larger yields of coffee beans, making them especially profitable for coffee farmers to grow.
  • They are added to many coffee blends due to their depth and intensity of flavor.
  • Their high caffeine content and bold flavor profile make them a popular choice for espresso blends.
  • They are also popular for producing a heavy crema, or foam, that is characteristic of espresso shots.
  • Robusta beans are also often used for instant coffee brands for their longer shelf life and intense flavors.

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