May 29, 2024 2 min read

The Excelsa coffee bean, orCoffea liberica, is a less-recognized coffee species. In fact, as recently as 2006, it was renamedCoffea liberica var. dewevrei. In other words, the Excelsa bean is considered a variety of the Liberica coffee bean.

Still, there are plenty of things that set the Excelsa coffee bean apart from other varieties. In this brief profile, we at Mystic Monk Coffee will show you what makes this obscure coffee bean so unique and different from its relatives.

Origins ofExcelsa Coffee Beans

The origin ofExcelsa coffee beans is a bit murky since there have been issues with its classification for a long time. Around 1903,Coffea excelsa was discovered in Central Africa. At the time, it was thought to be its own species of coffee plant. Decades later, it was found to be a variety of the Liberica species.

Today, Excelsa beans are still grown in various areas of Africa. However, they are primarily grown as a commercial crop in the Philippines and Vietnam. There, the plant is treasured for its resilience to pests and diseases, as well as providing depth and complexity to coffee blends.

While a lot of Excelsa coffee is being grown in Southeast Asia, it's still rare compared to arabica or robusta coffee. However, its distinct flavor has earned it a growing popularity among specialty coffee enthusiasts in recent years.

Flavor Profile

Excelsa coffee is known for its exotic and complex flavor profile, which can vary depending on its growing region, altitude, and processing methods. Coffee brewed from well-processed Excelsa beans usually has a tart and fruity body. It's also known to have a low to mild acidity and a low bitterness. Some variants may have floral and spicy notes. Others describe it as having many varying flavors, including:

  • Raspberry
  • Fig
  • Plum
  • Peanut butter
  • Raw sugar
  • Maple syrup
  • Cocoa

This diversity of flavors provides coffee lovers with a rich and intriguing sensory experience you can rarely find elsewhere. These are the sorts of coffee-drinking experiences Mystic Monk Coffee strives to give our customers.

Unique Qualities of the Excelsa Coffee Bean

Excelsa coffee beans are a fascinating species in the world of coffee. Here are a few of the distinct qualities of the Excelsa bean:

  • While they have the same teardrop as the Liberica coffee bean, Excelsa beans are actually smaller in size, similar toCoffea arabica.
  • Excelsa coffee is also considered to have a flavor profile bolder than  Arabica coffee and is compared to robusta coffee.
  • For coffee growers, Excelsa trees are beneficial to cultivation as certain strains offer higher yields and strong resistance against coffee rust. This is a disease that has greatly affected the world's coffee circulation.

Excelsa coffee beans offer a unique experience for the taste buds, making them a growing staple within the coffee community.

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