Wellness Blend

A soothing and healthful mix of eight different natural herbs and roots that is both relaxing and delicious!

2oz loose leaf bag (makes about 26 cups)

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Love this tea!

I bought my first bag of wellness blend after trying it in a cute coffee shop in Encampment WY (Red Wagon). Loved it so much I have been buying it on line. My mom and sisters are hooked now too. We drink it al the time!

Recommend for French Press

The leaves are large enough to where they will not escape the press. I have one for my coffee and one for my tea; though I have used one press before for both and it works fine.
Having the tea this way is a wonderful decision on behalf of the monks. Actually seeing and handling the leaves is a joy in and of itself that you do not get with cloth bags. You also don't get the cloth in your tea!
I recommend this to anyone who is wanting a night cap without the caffeine associated with most teas. It is smooth and refreshing and calming.

My favorite herbal tea, but please bring back the bags!

Wellness Blend is my absolute favorite herbal tea. It is wonderful anytime, but is especially soothing when I'm under the weather. But please, please, PLEASE bring back the teabags. I really despise having to use loose tea, and based on the other reviews, I'm not the only one who misses the convenience of the tea bags. I contacted the company when they first made the switch, and they said they needed to find a new supplier. But that was quite some time ago, so I had hoped they would have found one by now. Please listen to the pleas of your customers and bring back the tea bags!

Love It!!

My new ‘go to’ tea for chilling at the end of a busy day. Thank you!

My favorite tea!

Absolutely, hands down best tea ever! This is a staple in my house especially when Fall comes ( yes, even in Florida!) Flu season has started and a cup of this tea is soothing and helps boost the immune system.