Paradiso Blend Coffee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1132 reviews
Francisco G.
Very Enjoyable

I bought the whole bean bag, I grind it in the morning and use about two tablespoons per cup on a four cup brewer (8 tablespoons total). The coffee tastes great and helps me get through the day, smooth sailing.

Tina B.
Great Coffee

Some of the best coffee I’ve ever had! Very smooth and delicious!!


This is excellent coffee and never gets old even having it every day. I use for pour over and always have a good tasting cup of coffee even if my technique is less than perfect. By far my favorite blend.

Margaret K.

Excellent, mild, tasteful!

Kim W.
Solid favorite

This coffee is the one I always return to for a guaranteed cup I always enjoy!

A medium-roast coffee with a smooth finish

Our Paradiso Blend is destined to be a favorite of both dark roast coffee and light roast coffee lovers.

This exceptional blend combines premium Columbian, Guatemalan, and specialty Brazilian beans carefully selected for their unique flavor profiles. The result is a smooth and balanced medium roast coffee with hints of dark chocolate, hazelnut, and other subtle flavor notes that create an intriguing and satisfying coffee-drinking experience.

Whether you prefer to brew coffee as beans or grounds, Paradiso Blend will deliver a wonderfully smooth finish that will impress even the most discerning coffee connoisseur. With its rich and complex flavor profile, this coffee is perfect for those who appreciate a quality cup of coffee.

When you order Paradiso Blend, you get the best coffee beans available, roasted to perfection for an unforgettable taste experience. Don’t settle for mediocre coffee: Treat yourself to the best. Order now and add a taste of better coffee paradise to your morning ritual.