Double Handled Mug

It is a long standing tradition that Carmelites drink coffee using both hands in thanksgiving for the fruits of the harvest. These double handled mugs are handmade in the USA and feature an exquisitely detailed Mystic Monk Coffee logo on the central medallion. Finished with a distinctive two-tone olive/cocoa glaze, these mugs are Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

16 ounces

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Hefty hefty hefty

This mug is AWESOME.

I admire so much about it: the way it's held, the historical significance behind the way Carmelites use it, how monstrously big it is, the color, the Mystic Monk emblem, and so on. This thing can fit more coffee than my CHEMEX can, which I find hilarious when I use the full beaker and it only fills the mug up halfway. Other than that, the mug just feels like it's built to last (not that I'm testing its durability), I think I would feel confident about its integrity whenever I should pack it and go somewhere. Also, I've been discerning religious life as a vocation for a while now and while I hesitate to say that drinking out of a mug forged by Carmelites has any effect on that, I have noticed a lot of headway in that discernment. All thanks be to God and may He bless His workers.

Get yourselves one of these mugs and put your other mugs to shame!


All around great product, It's my go to mug and I'll be using it for years to come!

Two handle Mug

It's has beautiful craftsmanship. It didn't allow me to pick a color when I ordered. Would of preferred the blue one but happy with what I have. The weight of it certainly helps my father control his hand tremors to enjoy your wonderful coffee!

Double-Handled Mug

Best mugs for people with palsy or Parkinson's. Even though the weight can be a problem for some at first, the natural hold position makes it easy to bring upward and tilt for drinking. The weight actually helps with keeping muscles active and strengthens coordination.
For those winter evenings when a good hot cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa is needed in a sizable quantity, these mugs really fit the bill!

Pretty Sturdy Mug

I purchased a Mug along with several varieties of the coffees Monk Shots. I donated ten in a gift basket to our Parish School annual Gala auction, so I can only say I was impressed by its quality and beauty. Also was happy with the quick service. I’m hoping to find out the lucky winner to ask how they’re enjoying the variety of coffees and pretty mug.