May 12, 2016 2 min read

The Review

For our January Coffee of the Month, we have the Tanzanian Peaberry.  Peaberry coffee beans are formed when a single coffee bean develops in the coffee cherry instead of the usual two beans.  The peaberry beans make up only a small percentage of the coffee crop, and are smaller and denser then regular beans.  We first featured the Tanzanian Peaberry back in 2011, and this month's offering is every bit as unique and flavorful as that one was! 

Roasted Beans:


Tanzanian Roasted   Choir Monk: These beans look very good!  These peaberry beans are much smaller than most coffees, and I know that the density means that they do roast differently.  I can smell hints of violet and also some woody tones.

Lay Monk:Yes, they look great, don't they?  Brother Roaster did a fine job on these, and roasted them to around 430 degrees, so as to extract the most from these peaberry beans.  I can smell floral hints with sweet caramel overtones.

The Tasting:

Choir Monk: I am excited to try the Tanzanian Peaberry!  It has been a long time since we've had a peaberry, and I am really looking forward to tasting it!  We'll evaluate it in the usual categories: Aroma, Acidity, Aftertaste, Body/Mouthfeel, Complexity and Darkness.

Choir Monk: Here's what I thought:

Aroma: Fruitwood, and apricot.
Acidity: Refined and a little reserved.
Aftertaste: Very smooth, with elements of milk chocolate and caramel.
Body/Mouthfeel: A very smooth, syrupy mouthfeel.  Very nice.
Complexity: Wonderful complexity!  Nice floral notes of violet and lavender and a hint of chocolate.
Darkness: Medium.

Lay Monk: It seems that you really liked this coffee!  Here are my notes:

Aroma: Caramel, with a hint of lavender.
Acidity: Pleasant, unique acidity -- very similar to a good Kenyan coffee in this respect.
Aftertaste: Chocolate covered raisins, not bitter at all!    
Body/Mouthfeel: Smooth and full.
Complexity:Very complex!  Peach, apricot and sweet caramel, along with the floral notes were all there.
Darkness: Medium.


Choir Monk: It has been a long time since we've had a Tanzanian peaberry as our Coffee of the Month, so when I came to taste the Tanzanian, there were a lot of unique characteristics to it that were just amazing!  The poise and smoothness of this coffee was amazing.  It was smooth and refined, but never boring!  I really enjoyed it!

Lay Monk: I think so too!  I was amazed that there wasn't even a hint of bitterness in the aftertaste.  The natural sweetness and flavor in the Tanzanian is just amazing!

Choir Monk: OK, now for our final verdict:

Outstandingly balanced and complex, the Tanzanian Peaberry exhibits smoothness in every sip. The subtle floral, apricot and peach undertones integrate seamlessly into the rich and smooth body.  The classic aftertaste is permeated by sweet milk chocolate and raisin tones. A refined African coffee that you will enjoy cup after cup!