June 11, 2016 2 min read


The Review

Developed especially for the summer, our Summer Blend contains coffee from some of the finest regions in the world.  It is crafted in such a way as to be enjoyed when brewed hot in a French press or drip machine, or cold-brewed overnight.  This review is based on the hot-brewed coffee; the cold-brewed is similar, but with even more sweet, chocolaty notes! This fine coffee is great with or without milk, and is an essential addition to any coffee lover's kitchen.

Roasted Beans:


Choir Monk: This roast looks very good!  I can see that it is evenly roasted.  It looks and smells just a little bit darker than our usual Coffee of the Month offerings.  I can smell hints of chocolate and malt.

Lay Monk: Yes, this year's Summer Blend is mostly medium roasted coffee, but there is also a good amount of darker roasted coffee in the blend. That is because Br. Roaster really wanted to develop some of the chocolate tones that were locked into the beans.  I can smell hints of plum as well as chocolate.

Roasted Summer Blend


The Tasting:

Choir Monk: I am greatly excited about the 2016 Summer Blend!  There is a sweetness in the aroma that has me expecting great things.  

Choir Monk: Here is what I wrote down about the Summer Blend:



Summer SunriseAroma: Simple, sweet and chocolaty, with a hint of nuts.
Acidity: Quite mild, giving way quickly to sweet notes.
Aftertaste: Very good!  Sweet, with a pleasant smoky note and good hints of chocolate and vanilla.
Body/Mouthfeel: Full-bodied and smooth.
Complexity:Refined complexity; raisin, and earthy notes mixed with the dominant chocolate note.
Darkness: Medium to medium-dark

Choir Monk: The Summer Blend was very good!  It is different from about any other Coffee of the Month we've had recently, but in a good way.  I really enjoyed it!

Lay Monk: I thought it was good too!  I especially like the aftertaste.

Aroma: Rich and deep;  malt and chocolate-covered fruit come to mind.
Acidity: Present and delicate.
Aftertaste: Rich and long-lasting!  The malty chocolate note was especially delightful.
Body/Mouthfeel:Syrupy and full-bodied.
Complexity: Good!  Hints of apricot, peach and aromatic flowers all mixed in with the great chocolate theme.
Darkness: I would say medium-dark.


Choir Monk: I really liked the Summer Blend 2016!  After tasting it brewed in the French press, I thought I would try it cold-brewed.  It was amazing.  The sweetness came out even more, and it was rich and strong enough to hold all its flavor when I added milk.  Very good.

Lay Monk: I'm glad you liked it!  I thought that the natural sweetness and peach notes were really outstanding.  This is a blend to enjoy all summer!

Choir Monk:To sum up:

Rich, smooth and refreshing, the Summer Blend of 2016 has amazing notes of plum, malt and nutty chocolate.  The measured acidity leaves ample room for the sweet fruitiness and delicate floral tones to expand and lead into a wonderful aftertaste, memorable for its smooth smokiness and rich chocolate tones.  When cold-brewed, the sweetness and chocolate note increase even more, making a fine coffee that truly is tailor-made for hot summer afternoons!