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Linda B.
Let It Snow

Just received mine today. I just love it!

My New Favorite

I love this tea. I had some hot tea go cold I put it on ice, oh my, it was wonderful. Coffee, Tea....I love your products. Blessed bean water and blessed leaf water, Blessed Monks! You are a treasure.

Let it Snow in Colorado

The flavor and fragrance combined make it my seasonal favorite!

Mary H.

I simply love this tea.

Robert L.R.
"MYSTICA/Mystic Monk's LET IT SNOW" Tea

ANOTHER "GREAT" product by the "Mystic Monks": "Mystica LET IT SNOW" Tea!! Zesty orange, cinnamon and OTHER spices are WELL defined, and combine with a SMOOTH black tea to make a VERY pleasant tasting bulk tea, overall, whether for breakfast on cold winter mornings, or just for a HOT "pick-me-up" on cold winter afternoons and evenings. With the distinct orange zest & cinnamon overtones, I believe "Let It Snow" could just as well be a pleasant & refreshing tea to drink year round, including brewed, then "Chilled" for drinking on hot summer days, frankly! BOTH my Wife & I enjoyed this tea, and she is mostly an herbal tea drinker! I promptly ordered TWO more bags before this seasonal, bulk tea flavor was discontinued for a few months 'til next winter, so We could ENJOY this tea off-&-on ALL year!!

Our Let it Snow tea will warm up even the coldest winter day! Smooth and refreshing black tea combined with orange peel and cinnamon makes this tea one of our best!

2oz loose leaf bag (makes about 26 cups)

Ingredients: Black Tea, Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Natural Fruit Flavoring.