Royal Rum Pecan 5lb

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With regal tones of pecan pralines, rum and fresh cream, Royal Rum Pecan is one of our best flavors!


Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Richard K.
Very Enjoyable Coffee

We got the Royal Rum Pecan Coffee to try as we seem to purchase one non-heavily flavored coffee and one flavored coffee each time we purchase Mystic Monk coffee, (which is often). My wife was unsure of the Royal Rum Pecan at first, but reallyt began to enjoy it as we used up our 5 lb. bag over time drinking several cups a morning. We really began to enjoy this coffee and we will miss it now that we've used up our order, but its on to Cowboys Blend and Hazelnut this time around. I don't know if I have a favorite coffee flavor, but i do have a favorite coffee company. We order Mystic Monk coffee every couple of months

Lupe E.
Best coffee ever!

Love all your coffees specially Royal Rum. Ordered for friends that also liked very much.

Dave A.
Good Coffee

This a good coffee my all time favorite is the Jingle bell Java

Lara M.

This is my favorite flavored coffee. It smells and tastes great. This coffee makes mornings better. Well worth stocking up with a 5 lb. bag.

The S.M.
2nd Favorite

Amaretto has always been our favorite flavor, but that is a limited/seasonal flavor. Mystic Monk has a number of other great flavors that we buy to mix things up, but Royal Rum Pecan has been our top pick for coffee when Amaretto isn't available.

I was just going to buy a bunch of smaller bags with our other flavor selections, but then thought better to buy the big bag. Truth be told... my wife and I will be drinking up all of this Royal Rum Pecan in no time!