Price Change Frequently Asked Questions

Why are prices increasing?

This is the first price increase in many years. We have had to increase prices due to increased costs. USPS, FedEx and UPS have been raising their prices by around 5% per year, every year. Additionally, the price of packaging materials and other items has also increased. We simply can no longer absorb the extra cost.

How much is the price increase?

The price increase is $1 per 12oz bag (just over 8%). Monk-Shots will increase by $0.50, and teas from $0.50 - $1. 5lb bags of coffee will increase by $4.

What is the new free shipping threshold? 

The new free shipping threshold (shipping to addresses in the US) is $49.

How can I save money on my order?

The best way to save money is to reach the free shipping threshold. Also, we offer significant discounts when you subscribe to a regular shipment of coffee. Finally, we are investigating a way to offer bulk discounts of multiple bags of the same coffee, since we save on production, packaging and shipping that way.

Will you be using cheaper coffee to cut costs?

Absolutely not! We will continue to use the best-tasting coffee, even if that costs us a little more. We will continue to use specialty-grade beans for all of our blends and continue to use naturally water-processed decaffeinated coffee.