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Natural Jelly Beans, Candies - Mystic Monk Coffee

Natural Jelly Beans
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These amazingly tasty jelly beans are made with fruit juice and other natural flavors.

8 ounces.

Apple - Light green
Lemon - Yellow
Orange Punch - Orange
Peach - Yellowish orange with red speckles
Strawberry - Pink
Grape - Purple
Black Cherry - Dark Red
Pomegranate - Red
Root Beer - Brown
Blueberry - Blue
Cranberry - Red
Vanilla - White with brown specks

This product may contain wheat milk peanuts and tree nuts.

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Customer Reviews

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Out of this world jelly beans

My sister in law shared some of these jelly beans with me last year at a baseball game. The flavors are incredible. They don't taste like pure disgusting corn syrup sugar like most jelly beans. I am a very frugal person but these beans are so good they are worth $5.99!!

There is a Lenten tradition for families to have a sacrifice jar. During lent, children and family members put a dry bean (like a pinto bean or any kind) in the jar every time they do a sacrifice (chores, sharing with siblings, extra help around house). The jar slowly fills throughout Lent. On Easter morning, the children wake up to find that all the dry beans in the jar have turned into jelly beans! We began the tradition this year and our four and six year old are really getting the concept of a sacrifice. These mystic monk jelly beans would be the perfect thing to use for Easter morning.

Each bean has a unique taste of an almost intense juicy flavor. They are truly gourmet jelly beans.