Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelbessa

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Refined and complex the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Chelbessa starts with distinctive brightness and blossoms into clean and enticing ripe citrus, before finishing with a sweet hint of honeysuckle. A near flawless coffee to enjoy cup after exhilarating cup!

12 ounces.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter H.
An intense African Coffee

Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia is another great roast from the Mystic's ovens. Simply an intense but smooth coffee dripped, pressed, or poured.
My only suggestion would be to use a coarser grind for the press as the gronds therein and by design must soak longer. A finer grind tends to muddle. A simple remedy.

teresa D.

Smooth, just a wonderful cup of coffee...too bad it is already sold out, I was going to order a few more bags!

Andrew D.
Layered Flavor Profile

Drinking this coffee is a fun journey through some amazing combinations of flavor. It's light and sweet, but has some bold earthiness to it, too. I’ll definitely be getting this one again.

therese j.
Ethiopian Coffee

Simply yummy!

Great Quality Coffee!

The way I describe it is like a really good quality beer. It does not take a lot to drink to get drunk. Like one of those 9% alcohol content per bottle beer where you drink two and your hammered. I don't drink and I remember I didn't really enjoy the taste of those beers, but the quality was good. This coffee's taste is alright at first, but it keeps you coming back later throughout the day. Very good.