Express Chai Spiced Tea

Experience all of the taste of traditional loose-leaf Chai, but in a fraction of the time!

Our coarsely-milled Express Chai makes an intricate and flavorful cup, and is full of delicious black tea, ginger, black pepper, cardamom and more!  To prepare, simple put 1 Tablespoon into your favorite infuser, steep for 3-5 minutes and finally add milk and sugar to taste.

2oz resealable bag.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Green Cardamon Pods, Allspice, Cloves, Black Pepper.

Customer Reviews

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Cheline V.

I love chai tea…..any kind. But this chai tea is my new absolute favorite! It tastes fresh and sharp, not dull and dusty like some tea blends can taste….but you drink them anyway. Stop drinking the dull tasting chai teas and give this a try! You will not be disappointed! The cardamom is fresh and distinct, the ginger sharp, the black tea a delight and overall a very yummy blend. I add milk and a wee bit of honey to make this a dessert in a mug!

Great tea!

Will be buying again!

James W.
Oh so good!!

This tea is so bold and strong. I was using tea bag Chai and made the switch and am not regretting it! You can get a few cups out of a serving but each will have to seep longer and they aren't as powerful. I have been doing about 3 per 2 oz so don't shirk away thinking about cost---besides it goes to a good cause.

Mystic Monk Chai

Love the chai tea. Will order again!!!

Robert L.R.
"Mystic Monks EXPRESS CHAI Spiced Tea"

Have gotten "Mystic Monks EXPRESS CHAI" Spiced Tea a few times in past, already. Am also pretty sure I've typed a review for it in past, too....Whether I've already reviewed, or indeed have-not: ANOTHER "GREAT" offering from "The Monks, MYSTICA" tea line!! Regardless time of day when You brew this EXCELLENT spiced/black tea blend, it's a "FIVE Thumbs-Up, 10-STAR" choice to brighten-up one's morning, noontime, afternoon Or evening, and ALL year long, to boot!! IF you are already a "tea lover"--or maybe ESPECIALLY if you are NOT (!!): Give the "Monks" Express Chai, "Mystica"-blend a "whirl" in particular, and I'll almost guarantee you will become "Hooked", wondering "why" you didn't try something like this sooner?!? NOTE: Try brewing your bulk teas--even bag teas--in an "economy"-version "Mr. Coffee" maker/machine, using COLDEST/CLEANEST water you can obtain to start with for BEST results!! You will get MUCH BETTER results than using an "Infuser", I'll guarantee that, also! The results are "SO GREAT" that even IF you're NOT a coffee-drinker, it's WELL-worth the $20 or so bucks you spend to always brew ALL your hot teas this way. And done "Right" you can get MULTIPLE pots of BULK tea (i.e.: Two/2-to-Three/3) from one set-up by just stirring the 1st round of bulk tea brewed in the 1st filter, then sprinkling about one more additional Tablespoon (Tbsp) of SAME bulk tea over top of that, add another FULL pot of COLD/CLEAR water, then tap the "brew" button....(Won't work with bag teas! SORRY: You only get ONE (1) pot out of bag teas....Wife & I have "Been there, Done that", and it only works-out with bulk teas!). GOOD Luck & "Good Cheer" to any other "Mystic Monk" patrons who decide to try their "Mystica Express Chai" blend!!