Subscription Breakfast Blend

This is a subscription item.  You will receive a new coffee each month at the discounted price.  You will be charged for a new shipment each month until the order is cancelled. You can cancel anytime with no obligations by calling our subscription line at toll free 877-751-6377 or sending an email to

With Arabica beans from the mountain slopes of Central and South America, Breakfast Blend is brisk and invigorating, with notes of raisin, apricot and milk chocolate.


California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Customer Reviews

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Great coffee

My brother told me about Mystic Monk coffee so I decided to try it out. Their coffee is great! Can't wait to order more!

Incredible coffee!

We absolutely love Mystic Monk coffee! We make a half - caf—mixing half portion of breakfast blend with evening vespers decaf. We drink our coffee in our Mystic Monk coffee mugs. It is heavenly!

Mystic Monk Coffee is Amazing!

I get the whole bean coffee. Best coffee I've ever had.

Reliably Good

I have almost finished the first bag and I will say it is better than expected but I will update this as soon as I finish the last cup I can make. Finishing a bag is an important part of the review because I need to know if it can hold it's freshness for the entire time. Many coffees fail, so it's a good sign this one will succeed. To qualify this review I bought the ground version already. I wish they ground it a bit finer, but a choice of grind was not offered. I store my coffee in the refrigerator because freezer storage will extract too much moisture content, which suspends it delicately best in a refrigerator. I squeeze as much oxygen out of the bag after each use (about 3 times a day) to preserve the grounds from becoming rancid - if you buy whole beans it helps to prevent. I brew one cup a time, pour over, much like a professional taster would do, and taste it black each time. Sometimes I drink it black, sometimes adding only half+half, and sometimes adding a teaspoon of raw sugar. The coffee tastes good in almost any way served. This coffee tastes best if you brew (one tablespoon) with 6oz of hot water - any more and the flavor bottoms out. I have had better "breakfast blends", but that was long ago in San Diego from an independent roaster and he was truly a master. That company finally was bought out by a larger rival. I applaud the monks for pursuing this endeavor because it is a delicate operation and requires discipline, rigor, a pursuit for perfection, and absolute care for the process. Experience cannot be substituted, so my initial feeling is where this coffee may suffer from being excellent. However the source of beans is extremely important and every American should know that generally we cannot get the best beans available in the world because the Germans, Swedes, and probably Japanese and Chinese now are buying the best ones because they have the money to do it and will! So Americans have to accept this, because we won't spend $25 on a 12oz bag of coffee. But a good coffee broker and buyer helps to navigate the competition and if Mystic Monk Coffee can improve their supply chain through shrewd coffee purveyance, we could be all great benefactors! This what I learned from the independent roaster in 1992, because he had a great experienced coffee broker that traveled far and wide. So, I will end with a prayer.
Dear Lord,
Though we are not worthy, we humbly accept the gifts you bestow on us everyday. Please forgive us for ever lacking in appreciation for you and our life. You feed us and nurture us every blessed day and for that I shed tears of gratitude. Please bless the Mystic Monks in their endeavor, open their minds and hearts to achieve with greater passion and vigilance to perfect their coffeemaking mastery. Because we know in this, they are loving you and loving us all the more. May their monastery be fruitful and sustaining always, may they thrive in good health, as well as their families and friends. I trust in Jesus and the Holy Spirit to continue in guidance and protection over them all the days of their lives.
In the name of your glorious son, Jesus, and Mary our Blessed Mother,


Delicious coffee and excellent service!!