Paradiso Blend 10ct

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Developed over 6 years and released in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Mystic Monk Coffee, the medium-roasted Paradiso Blend is the smoothest coffee we've ever roasted!

With rich hazelnut-like nuttiness provided by mountain-grown Colombian Arabica beans, sweet orange zest from fresh Guatemalan beans, and a rich chocolaty finish from specialty-grade Brazilian beans, the Paradiso can be enjoyed black, fresh from the coffee pot, or with a little cream to accentuate the sweet, raisin-like fruit notes.

Paradiso Blend is universally enjoyed by all palates, and is destined to be a favorite of dark roast lovers, and mild roast lovers alike.  Non-flavored, but packed with natural flavors from the specialty Arabica beans, Paradiso Blend is not to be missed.


10 x Single Serve Monk-Shots

Customer Reviews

Based on 266 reviews
Patricia T.

The best tasting coffee with a satisfying ending. I like all day long, even in the evening. It does not interfere with my sleeping. Diffidently "top shelf"!!

excellent coffee

Enjoy this coffee each morning! Highly recommend it.

Steven B.
Smooth without the bitterness

My wife enjoys coffee but it can upset her stomach when it is bitter. She loves the taste of Paradiso and it has none of the bitter side effects.

Delicious Coffee Made With Holy Hands

It’s great to wake up to a very delicious cup of coffee from a holy monastery. When we got our first order a month ago, my husband and mother ignored all the other brands we had and gravitated towards the Mystic Monk coffee as it was more delicious than other brands. This is our second order with a continuing subscription. This delicious coffee not only warms our body, but warms our hearts knowing that every time we drink a cup of coffee we support these wonderful monks in their life of prayer!

James S.G.
Paradiso Blend is Superb!

Paradiso gets a ten gold star rating from me- WOW.👍