Vespers Decaf

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A rich, dark roast of decaffeinated mountain-grown Arabica, with bittersweet chocolate and malt notes and deliciously lingering aftertaste.

12 ounces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 283 reviews
Tracy A.
Lives Up to Expectations

We wanted a decaf dark roast to keep on hand. (We normally drink the Espresso Blend.) I just tried some the other night when I wanted a later-in-the-evening cup of coffee. Not disappointed. It was smooth and very pleasant. Thank you, Gentlemen!

OS c.s.
Wow So Good

I compare MM Vespers Decaf with my organic fairytade dark roast (other brand). Even weeks after grinding, the jar of Vespers is fresh and aromatic, whereas the regular dark roast has that old "where-have-all-the-good-oils-gone?" smell.

THE Decaf for Coffee Lovers

I have searched for years to find a decaf that came anywhere near the full flavor or the original. This is it. If there was a blind taste test, I genuinely believe the majority of folks would not be able to tell which one was the decaf and which was the original.
Like regular Midnight Vigils, the flavor is a marvelous mix of bold coffee flavor in a non-acidic and non-bitter blend. It suits both my dark roast husband and my more mellow self.
It's just a great coffee that happens to be decaffienated.

Susana E.

I like it.

Linda s.

Great taste. Is there another