Monk Press - Chrome

Rediscover your favorite blend with our new larger Monk Press! It's a little known fact that coffee only reaches its full potential when prepared according to the press method.

The Monk Press has been carefully designed to release every nuance and essence of finely roasted coffee. Simply combine ground coffee, hot water, brew for 2 - 4 minutes, press down and and enjoy! The double filtration system and 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel construction make for the perfect cup of Mystic Monk Coffee, every time.

The double wall stainless construction of the Monk Press means that your coffee will stay warm for hours, unlike glass presses which cool down within minutes. Get the Monk Press today! It's far better quality than the presses available at the supermarket for a similar price.

Capacity: 32 oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Effective and attractive

This coffeemaker makes excellent coffee very easily, and keeps it warm. It is a slight nuisance to clean, but well worth the effort. It also looks lovely sitting on my counter

Very good cup of coffee!

This is my first time using a French Press so I’m still tweaking the right grind to get the best results. The richness & depth of the taste with the French Press and freshly ground beans far outweighs my previous “drip” method + ground method.

Awesome Press

The gift that keeps on giving....After numerous broken glass Press'
this one will last a lifetime. The Coffee is always the icing on the
cake. Every one is happy as a clam in Pismo Beach.

Great Product!

I've never used one of these before, but am pleased with the purchase. Once you get used to making the coffee, it's really very easy. I gave it 4 stars because cleaning can be a bit messy, and whenever I pour the water on top of the grounds, I do get some coffee splash back on the counter and sometimes on my clothes, but it's minimal. This container is also an excellent insulator and keeps the coffee hot for several hours!

Love it

The coffee is so fresh and wonderful with this press! Easy to use and STAYS HOT! Thanknyou for producing such a quality product. Bonus: every time I see on my counter I pause to pray and while it’s steeping I’m reminded to pray as well! It’s very easy to clean as well. I heat up my water in an electric kettle and within 5-7 minutes I can enjoy fresh coffee for over an hour!