Monk Press - Chrome

Rediscover your favorite blend with our new larger Monk Press! It's a little known fact that coffee only reaches its full potential when prepared according to the press method.

The Monk Press has been carefully designed to release every nuance and essence of finely roasted coffee. Simply combine ground coffee, hot water, brew for 2 - 4 minutes, press down and and enjoy! The double filtration system and 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel construction make for the perfect cup of Mystic Monk Coffee, every time.

The double wall stainless construction of the Monk Press means that your coffee will stay warm for hours, unlike glass presses which cool down within minutes. Get the Monk Press today! It's far better quality than the presses available at the supermarket for a similar price.

Capacity: 32 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Your coffee stays HOT!

It takes a few times to get the right grind for this, but we finally worked that out. The short enclosed directions aren't quite enough.

But you can't beat having your 2nd cup really hot after about 1/2 hr! That's what I disliked about the original glass French press.

And it's made in the USA!!!

Monk Press

I am enjoying my Monk Press and the rich flavors of Mystic Monk coffees that comes from using the press system. I am so thrilled with the savory taste it brings out of the coffee.and I was missing that from my Kuerig. The Monk Press is easy to use and cleans up easy. I am not sure how long it will keep my coffee warm because I drink it within an hour. Coffee is my indulgence and you just made it better!


Makes wonderful tasting coffee, very easy to use. If I can do it trust me, it is easy. It is quick too, very little time to go from start to Fantastic Coffee. I love the size, it makes two travel cup sizes. Easy cleanup too. All I had to do was use my favorite Monk coffee, heat water to boiling, while water is heating I but 4 tablespoons of coffee in Monk Press, if you like strong coffee use more, I let boiling water cool just a bit, I heard I'm not suppose to use actually boiling water, but very Hot, stir grounds and water, place lid on press tighten it, push press down about 1/2 inch down, wait 4 to 5 min, push press down all the way, ENJOY Great Coffee. The wonderful Monks included instructions with my press, this is the first time I got a coffee press to work correctly. The construction of this press is awesome, I may never need another one! Thank you Dear Monks, the wait was so worth it!!

Best Ever

Coffee like it was meant to be. Brings out all the flavor you were missing! Buy one now cause they go fast.

Excellent product

Highly recommend. Made in USA, quality product.

Compared to other presses,
the yield is multiple cups of piping hot coffee.

Compared to coffee machines, the coffee is way more delicious.

Compared to percolators,
there are less grinds in your cup and clean up is much easier.

The perfect brew: 4 level Tbsp ground coffee, pour boiling water to within 1-2” of the top, stir, brew for 4 minutes, pour using your right hand (as it drips if you use your left hand!), yields multiple mugs of delicious stay hot coffee.