Monk Press - Chrome

Rediscover your favorite blend with our new larger Monk Press! It's a little-known fact that coffee only reaches its full potential when prepared according to the press method.

The Monk Press has been carefully designed to release every nuance and essence of finely roasted coffee. Simply combine ground coffee, hot water, brew for 2 - 4 minutes, press down, and enjoy! The double filtration system and 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel construction make for the perfect cup of Mystic Monk Coffee, every time.

The double-wall stainless construction of the Monk Press means that your coffee will stay warm for hours, unlike glass presses which cool down within minutes. Get the Monk Press today! It's far better quality than the presses available at the supermarket for a similar price.

Capacity: 32 oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Kyle T.
Worth the investment

This press is well worth the price tag. It's sturdy, decently sized, and brews a delicious pot of coffee. That, and it holds heat as well as a press ever could hope to. My only complaints are that the lid can be difficult to screw on/off before you get the hang of it, and the filter is difficult to clean. Both issues are minor and well worth the hassle for the coffee you get out of it. I'm confident that this beauty will be in my family for a long time.

Delicious coffee maker

The Monk Press is easy to use and produces delicious, smooth coffee that stays hot for hours.

Jacqueline D.

It was a gift and I'm sure he loves it!

Bob M.
Great tasting

We had pumpkin spice in it. It was delicious. It is easy to brew and clean up. The press is well made a keeper.

Shawn S.

The whole family loves this coffee press! It is the best press we have ever used! We have experimented with several different coffee makers and methods of making coffee. Coffee from the Monk Press tastes better than any other method/maker we’ve used at home! It’s not time and labor intensive, and the large size of the press makes it convenient to use even when company comes. In the past, we’ve had to haul out the large brewer. We have long since gotten rid of that, as we much prefer the taste of French press coffee. In addition to coffee, we have used the Monk Press to make hot tea. The stainless steel design keeps the coffee (and tea) hot! I love that it is durable and not made of glass. These make fantastic gifts!
Two comments worth noting, but didn’t warrant a drop in rating for me:
1) I, being female, prefer the look of the older style. I’m not as fond of the new shape, and I do not care for the exposed screws and nuts appearance.
2) The lid can be hard to latch and unlatch. Those with weak or arthritic hands may have difficulty operating it. I expect lid operation will get easier with frequent use.