Espresso Blend

Robust and intense, with an excellent crema, Espresso Blend has deep cocoa and smoky wood tones and a caramel-toned aftertaste.


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My sons loves it, it will stay on the list. Thank you!


I have seen a few online ads for Mystic Monk Coffee, and finally decided to take a chance and give it a try. I can be a bit of an espresso snob, I appreciate well roasted beans, and a well crafted espresso shot. That said, when the coffee arrived along with a catalog, I was a little scared the Espresso Blend was described as their darkest roast. When I opened the bag, the beans were roasted dark, with plenty of surface oil. I weighed out 18g, prepared my ROK, ground the beans and pulled my shot. 37g total shot in just over 22seconds (a little fast). However, there was plentiful crema, and, most importantly, the espresso was delicious. Far better than I could have reasonably expected on a first pull with new beans. Since I can't leave well enough alone, perhaps I will slightly adjust the grind tomorrow, try to improve things a bit...or knock the wheels off the cart and go back to where I was today.

The flavor of dark cocoa was predominant, there was also a bit of a woody undertone throughout the cup. The description mentioned caramel, I didn't find that...yet. The aftertaste lingered, and was very pleasant. While I would have liked a roast date written on the bag, the crema tells me the beans are very fresh.

Good price, fast shipping, and, all of this while helping support the Benedictine Monks make this a very good purchase.


Great coffee!

Starbucks Who?

No longer wanted to buy Starbucks as they support abortion and Planned Parenthood. However, we just couldn't find a coffee we liked as much and almost gave up hope, thinking, we'd make the sacrifice and settle for an inferior tasting coffee until we tasted Mystic Monk Espresso Blend. Definitely gives Starbucks a run for her money!

Absolutely Heavenly!

Highly, highly recommend it!