Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

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Fine Espresso beans covered with a luxurious coating of premium dark chocolate, these Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans are the perfect accompaniment to a smooth after-lunch cup of Mystic Monk Coffee.

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8 ounces

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Perfect little indulgence

A great little treat - especially after Christmas and all the sugary snacks.
A perfect blend flavors! Nice stocking stuffer. We look forward to getting them abd giving them every year!

Cm H.
Awesome Product

Your chocolate covered espresso beans are a bite of awesome deliciousness!

Meredith B.
A kiss of sweetness and a jolt of energy

Mystic Monk’s chocolate covered coffee beans give you a kiss of sweetness and a jolt of energy. Most chocolate covered coffee beans are either too sweet, too bitter or too hard. Mystic Monk’s beans are perfect!

Want to stay up really late into the night? Try a few of these and then don't stop ; )

So, if my math is right, I am the eighteenth person to review these chocolate covered espresso beans and please hear me on this review. When I vote for more than four stars, that something is really, REALLY GOOD! Five stars to means that there is nothing upon which I could improve upon; there is no way I can even think of a way to make these beans and chocolate even better. After eating various espresso beans covered in chocolate, these seem to always to be the best, and by leaps and bounds. There is no point in me even trying different beans. If I go to a coffee shop and they give me a free bean trying to upsell their chocolate covered beans I will eat the “free sample” but never once have I even been tempted to buy another type of bean. Not only for the above reasons do I support Mystic Monks and their products, but I try to only spend my money with companies I morally support. Guess what? Supporting a bunch of monks as they make different coffee products, I cannot think of a better place to spend my money. Donating my money is the only thing only thing better, here I just get really, really GOOD coffee.

Sylvia F.
Sylvia likes

My family and I like these candies very much! “Robust chocolate taste.“