Bunn My Cafe Multi-Use Single Cup Brewer

The best way to enjoy Monk-Shots!

The Bunn My Cafe Multi-Use Single Cup Brewer can brew Monk-Shots but also has the flexibility to brew Mystic Monk ground coffee, Mystic Monk Tea and much more. All you have to do is switch out the brew drawer and you are ready to go! The ground coffee drawer can hold up to 20 grams of delicious Mystic Monk Coffee.

Also compatible with K-cup capsules, soft pods, tea bags.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent Stress-Free Beverage Maker

The coffee maker I got from my local grocery store was a constant headache, since it was always making a mess on my counter, in spite of all my efforts. The Bunn Multi-Use Brewer has taken a load off my shoulders by going above and beyond expectations. Thanks!

Great coffee maker

I am really enjoying my single serve Bunn. I don't use the Kureg maker I have. The coffee tastes better and fresher. I believe the equipment stays cleaner. And the Mystic Monk coffees are wonderful .

So pleased!

I received my single serve Bunn brewer a few weeks ago. I could not get the unit to pull water into the heating tank, so I called Mystic Monk support. They suggested a solution, which I tried, but when that did not work, they immediately sent me a new unit. I received the new unit in just a couple of days and it worked perfectly. Excellent customer service! Have been enjoying several different flavors of Monk Shots and the ease with which I can brew up a cup. Only problem is ... I'm enjoying it so much I'm now drinking two or even three cups a day instead of just one!