Espresso Blend 5lb

Robust and intense, with an excellent crema, Espresso Blend has deep cocoa and smoky wood tones and a caramel-toned aftertaste.


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Mystic Monk - Espresso Blend

My wife and I subscribe to a lot of coffee here on the Mystic Monk site. All the coffee is different but oh so good, or at last to me it is and I keep drinking more. For Christmas in 2018 I bought my wife an espresso machine. At the time I thought I would drink one or maybe two mochas during a week. Well my wife drinks just one a week and as a stay-at-home father I drink at least one a day/seven during the week. At the very least seven, often it can be ten or more.

Once I learned how to operate the machine really well things are different than I thought they would be. I drink at least one mocha a day with two double shots. When people come over I offer one to them and they all tell me the mochas, espressos and other coffee that I make are all really good.

People have even told me that I should open a coffee/espresso bar; the problem is it's not me. The reason the mochas are so good is because of the beans, NOT me. I literally just grind the beans in the machine, press a button to press the shot out of the filter basket and if the drink is hot during the winter I steam the drink and during the winter I just pour the same drink over ice.

I try to drink around thirty-four ounces of water during every mocha because of hypertonicity. I only stop drinking more mochas because the bottles water I drink are not that cheap. Plus it gets old going to the bathroom so often.

Thankfully the monks don't charge more for the beans in the future because I'm sure I would pay more for the same beans!

Great coffee

Coffee was delivered as committed to. The flavor and aroma of the beans and resulting espresso exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend and have found my only future coffee bean source. I plan on trying other product offerings!

And the Winner Is

As a coffee and espresso fan most of my life Mystic Monk Espresso Blend is my favorite. For years I believed that Kona coffee was the best. I was wrong. I recently came from a Hawaiian vacation and brought back 5 bags of espresso/coffee. For years I have purchased coffees from each Continent and country. The winner is Mystic Monk Espresso Blend. It's smooth, flavorful and packs just the right punch w/o the bitterness, which comes from strong coffee. For true coffee lovers this one rates the best.

Quite like these beans.

Changed from Expresso Classico to these beans, and we are enjoying the more robust flavors and aroma. Also,we use them for filtered coffee with pleasant results.

Beans worthy of Heaven

I have tried espresso roasts from all over the globe and this one is superb. Intense, bold and a depth of flavor rarely encountered. Thank you for a great product at a bargain price.