October 12, 2016 2 min read

The Review:

For our October Coffee of the Month we have the Kenyan AA coffee.  Kenyan coffees are among the most distinctive coffees available and experienced coffee tasters can identify a Kenyan coffee from the rich aroma even as the coffee is brewing.  This month's offering comes from mountainous farms located at altitudes over 5200 feet.

Roasted Beans
Roasted Rwanda BeansChoir Monk: These beans look excellent!  They have the characteristic Kenyan shape to them - a little rounder and less oval than we see with beans from other origins.  I can smell hints of cinnamon and tamarind.
Lay Monk:They do look very good!  Brother Roaster really did a fine job and managed to draw out the best flavors.  It is a medium roast around 420 - 430 degrees.  I can smell hints of ripe tomato and caramel.

The Tasting:

Choir Monk: The Kenyan AA is the fifth time we've had a Kenyan coffee in our Coffee of the Month program and I am excited to see how it turns out in the cup!  We'll evaluate it in the usual categories: Aroma Acidity Aftertaste Body/Mouthfeel Complexity and Darkness.

Choir Monk: Here's what I thought:

Aroma: Aromatic spice and a hint of citrus.
Acidity: It has the exquisite acidity found only in good Kenyans.
Aftertaste: smooth and deep with a nice ripe-orange twist.
Body/Mouthfeel: Great!  Syrupy full body and smooth mouthfeel.
Complexity: Very good.  Floral notes, a savory twist and a hint of black cherry.
Darkness: Medium.

Lay Monk: You made some good observations on this coffee.  I thought a lot of the same things that you did.  Here are my notes:

Aroma: Caramel with a touch of cloves.Rwanda Dekundakawa Musasa Green Beans
Acidity: Very nice citrus-like acidity that can only be described as 'Kenyan'
Aftertaste: Ripe citrus with a nutty finish - no bitterness.
Body/Mouthfeel: Rich and smooth - very good!
Complexity:Excellent - hints of lime, star anise and passion fruit.
Darkness: Medium.


Choir Monk:I really like the Kenyan AA!  It has such character to it and doesn't really have any negative qualities either!  While it does have the same savory-sweet notes that are present in almost all good Kenyan coffees it also has a hint of baking spice that really helped round out the cup.  This is one of the best coffees we've roasted recently. 

Lay Monk: I agree!  It's rare to find a coffee so balanced like the Kenyan AA is. Normally one can find a small aspect in a cup of coffee that is less desirable such as a harsh note in the aftertaste.  That is not the case with this coffee; every part of it is enjoyable!

Choir Monk: OK now for our final verdict:

A distinguished and fine coffee the Kenyan AA gilds the cup with its lively acidity and full-bodied mouthfeel.  The savory-sweet flavors of cinnamon tamarind and lemon zest combine marvelously with the tartness of black cherry and passion fruit and gently give way to the expansive aftertaste which is notable for its ripe orange and caramel hints. A wonderful coffee to be enjoyed sip after delightful sip!