November 12, 2016 2 min read

Thanksgiving Blend


This fine coffee received a very good 90pt review from coffee expert, Kenneth Davis! Here is what he said:

 " Sweetly roast-toned, chocolaty. Dark chocolate, gently scorched oak, cashew, lily, dried apple in aroma and cup. Gentle, backgrounded acidity; velvety-smooth mouthfeel. The rich, gently drying finish is laden with chocolate tones in the short and smoky oak and sweet flowers in the long." -  Kenneth Davids,, November 2016

For our November Coffee of the Month we have the Thanksgiving Blend.  A complex blend of light and dark roasted beans from all over the world this blend is crafted for both drip and French press coffee makers.

Roasted Beans
Roasted Beans
Choir Monk:
I can tell these beans are from a complex blend! The gamut of colors and sizes are amazing.  I can smell deep notes of charred cedar and vanilla.

Lay Monk:Yes, there is a range of beans in this year's Thanksgiving Blend and Br. Roaster roasted them to the perfect medium-dark level to bring out the natural sweetness in the beans.


The Tasting:

Choir Monk:  I'm excited to taste the Thanksgiving Blend!  It's the only darker roast in our Coffee of the Month program and I can't wait to see the result. We'll evaluate in the usual categories of Aroma, Acidity, Aftertaste, Body/Mouthfeel, Complexity and Darkness.

Choir Monk: Here's what I thought of the Thanksgiving Blend:

Aroma: Intense and complex: cedar and liquorice
Acidity: Good initial glimmer that quickly gives way to the darker wood notes.
Aftertaste: Excellent!  Rich dark chocolate, caramel and charred cedar notes.
Body/Mouthfeel:  Good syrupy full mouthfeel.
Complexity: Highly complex - citrus malt wood and chocolate themes were present throughout the cup.
Darkness: Medium-dark.


Lay Monk: I really enjoyed this coffee too!  Here's what I wrote down:

Fall ImageAroma: Cloves, charred cedar and dark chocolate.
Acidity: Richly taut acidity.
Aftertaste:  Dark smooth and lingering dark chocolate and vanilla notes.
Body/Mouthfeel: Smooth and full-bodied
Complexity:Excellent!  Grapefruit, cloves, vanilla and dark chocolate were the flavors that I noticed especially.
Darkness: Quite a lot darker than our usual Coffee of the Month offerings - I would call it Medium-Dark.


Choir Monk: I always enjoy our Thanksgiving Blend!  The deep flavors lend well to drinking with milk. In particular I liked the citrus spice and chocolate notes.

Lay Monk: I agree!  I enjoyed the depth of the Thanksgiving Blend too - it's easy to lose body and mouthfeel with darker roasted coffees but Br. Roaster really worked hard on this coffee to attain the perfect balance of darkness and flavor.  A coffee that can be enjoyed just as much with cream as without cream. I highly recommend it!

Choir Monk: Our final assessment:

Initial grapefruit impressions give way and open up to panoramic complexity; The malt dark chocolate cloves and charred cedar notes quickly gain momentum and surge into an expansive and full-bodied aftertaste that slowly retires leaving traces of caramel vanilla and bittersweet chocolate.  Versatile enough to be served with or without cream this complex blend is the perfect accompaniment to the traditional Thanksgiving desserts.